Newlife™ SHARK 75 gr/mt2 [Sample]



VAT included

This premium fabric has been weaved from Gruppocinque SpA and it’s made of 100% Newlife™: the result of an High Tech Conversion Model that transforms post-consumer traceable plastic bottles into a high-tech polymer of the greatest quality. This bottles are sourced and processed in Italy into a polymer through a mechanical process, not chemical.
ATTENTION: this fabric is Water Resistant!
Newlife™ achives incredible savings (compared to a conventional polyester): 94% water consumption 60% energy consumption 32% carbon dioxide emission

PLEASE NOTE this is just a sample item ca 20x17cm
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Article: SHARK/TF
Company: Gruppocinque SpA
Composition: 100% Newlife™ PL
Weight (gr/ml): 110/115
Weight (gr/m2): 75

Certifications: GRS at yarn level

Additional information

Weight 0.110 kg


Pumpkin, Red


Woven fabric