People who are passionate and super expert about fashion, innovation and sustainability. Individuals committed to informing, inspiring and developing a real change in the fashion industry towards sustainability.

Patrizia Maggia

Director of Fatti ad Arte and the President of the Lane d'Italia Agency

Patrizia Maggia is a prominent figure in the world of art and craftsmanship, currently serving as the Director of Fatti ad Arte and President of the Lane d'Italia Agency. Born in Biella and educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Maggia has a diverse heritage with Peruvian and Chinese roots, which influenced her study of Chinese, Japanese, and Andean textile arts. In 2001, she founded a center for applied arts, fostering collaboration among artists, craftsmen, and designers, leading to notable productions with artists like Ugo Nespolo and Michelangelo Pistoletto.

She initiated MAC Mestieri d'Arte Contemporanei in 2012, focusing on preserving artistic heritage and engaging children in craftsmanship. Maggia has been instrumental in promoting artisanal craftsmanship through various national projects and collaborations with entities like the Slow Food Foundation and CNR. Her international consultancy work includes supporting Andean weaving in Peru and Bolivia and developing projects for Berber women in Morocco.

As the director of Fatti ad Arte since 2017, she oversees exhibitions, educational programs, and the Maestro di Mestiere Award, aiming to link craftsmanship with social recovery and international networks. In 2022, her contributions were recognized with the MAM Award by the Cologni Foundation.

Mitsuya Inagaki

Specialist of Textile production

A specialist of Textile production, with an extensive knowledge of plant-based fibers. After more than 15 year of experience in the fabric production management launched the 1st certified organic cotton brand in Japan, “Tenerita”. The brand has been inspected and certified whole production process of towels, bedding items, garments etc. 2003. Since 2007, he has been worked as a governance board of Textile Exchange until 2019. He moved R&D division and started to introduce sustainable textiles into Japan Market from 2010.
After the worst Tsunami covered the north east part of Japan March 11, 2011, he joined a project to cultivate cotton at the costal area in stead of rice. Now he is a deputy representative of the project.
Together with Japanese NPO-to take action for child labor issues, he has started to introduce organic cotton farming in India since 2014. He is now a lecturer at Konan University and other schools, and a technical committee at National Institute of Technology and Evaluation, a founder of ST Japan- a small-middle size textile manufacturers association to introduce sustainable textiles in Japan.

Marco Poli

Founder & CEO The Style Lift

His expertise ensues from over 30 years’ working in the Fashion and Textile publishing sector working for well-renown companies such as Bonotto SPA as export manager. Marco covered also the position of Editorial Director with B2B magazines creating a great network with international Agencies and Associations, Governmental and Commercial Consulates.

Since 2013, he has been editorial director with Fashion Illustrated and conceived different book series. Lastly, in July 2020 he founded THE STYLE LIFT, Textile Archive and service company for Fashion and Textile businesses, and is the publisher of the online periodical TSL GAZETTE, focusing on Textile, Fashion and Personalities

Silvia Gambi

Giornalista professionista & Sustainable Fashion - Podcaster Solo Moda Sostenibile

Silvia Gambi is a journalist and author of the platform and the podcast Solo Moda Sostenibile. He advises companies in the textile and fashion supply chain. He also teaches in numerous courses, including university courses, and carries out training in companies.

Silvia Stella Osella

Creative Designer & Consultant

After working for some of Europe’s leading printed textiles companies she opened her own consulting studio in Milan, where she helps brands take shape through color & trend analysis, creative consultancies, and to shift to a more sustainable approach to design.

She had the pleasure to design for a wide variety of international brands such as the Inditex group, Adidas, Armani, Mango, Max Mara group, Wall&Deco and many more, from apparel to homeware, from carpets to wallpapers.

In 2014 she co-founded a female owned sustainable fashion start up, selected by VOGUE Talents and designed a capsule collection exclusively available at the YOOX Net-a-Porter group.

Dio Kurazawa

Co Founder The Bear Scout

Dio Kurazawa is at the forefront of the war against waste in the fashion industry and is on a mission to minimise excess stock and implement sustainable practises within all areas of clothing production. Dio spends an incredible amount of his time researching and developing new processes and his eye for innovation is like no other. He is extremely passionate and, having worked in the fashion industry all his life, has devoted his time to advocating and implementing a responsible production line. Dio is also an advisor for the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, The Copenhagen Fashion Week, Sustainable Board Member at GANNI a/s and Board Member at Fashion Open Studio. While he is a staunch advocate for change, it is always approached with kindness. His overall objective in life is to be kind and tackle sustainability in the fashion industry by educating us all on how we can do better. As an industry, we have learnt so much from him already and acknowledge that there will always be more we can do to improve.

Alex Albini

CEO & CO-Founder presso Idee Brand Platform

Economics studies at Bocconi University and entrepreneurial experience since ten years in different industries.
In fashion after a first experience at Marc Jacobs and LVMH group, he has been working in IDEE Partners since first start-up steps, up to CFO & Business Developer position.

He has taken the CEO role in Idee Brand Platform and he has launched Sustainable Brand Platform to put his entrepreneurial skills in these new adventures.