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BACK IN THE LOOP is the smart source which collects high-quality materials from lea- ding brands, textile manufacturers and knitwear factories and gives them another chance by ‘bringing them back in fashion’.

BACK IN THE LOOP is the circular solution tweaking and optimizing the system’s pro- cess while creating an added value there where it did not exist. A responsible act and an invite to integrate ethics to style.

This brand-new opportunity is a solution C.L.A.S.S. offers to those creatives suppor- ting the new values of Circular Economy.

Circular Economy

Mending for Good is a consultancy that offers creative and ethical circular solutions to address the issue of overproduction and textile leftovers for luxury fashion brands and supports young designers in producing responsibly. Through design solutions mending for good helps companies integrate upcycling and creativity to deliver new products while fostering the collaboration with a selected manufacturing network of artisans and social enterprises. mending for good is moved from the aim to redefine a new paradigm, called Honest Fashion, addressing environmental and social issues, binding ethics and aesthetics, leveraging craft as a tool to create positive change.

Circular Economy

MAEBA International, leader in selecting and repurposing premium Italian fabrics with exceptional 60 years of expertise in collecting high-quality materials from leading brands, textile manufacturers and knitwear factories. Thanks to its unique and highly efficient business model, MAEBA is one of the first companies at an international level to be accredited for the UNI EN ISO 14021 certification which grants the traceability of the collected materials. Discover their brand-new ReLive Tex brand comprising certified premium products.