Did you know that there is a huge quantity of materials and textiles produced but not used and discarded by the fashion system?
BACK IN THE LOOP is C.L.A.S.S. section dedicated to alternative and sustainable sourcing.
“Because nothing is created and nothing is destroyed – therefore we can’t afford it to get wasted.”
Partners in this section are deeply committed to inject circular economy into fashion.

MAEBA International S.r.l.

Circular Economy

MAEBA International, leader in selecting and repurposing premium Italian fabrics with exceptional 60 years of expertise in collecting high-quality materials from leading brands, textile manufacturers and knitwear factories. Thanks to its unique and highly efficient business model, MAEBA is one of the first companies at an international level to be accredited for the UNI EN ISO 14021 certification which grants the traceability of the collected materials. Discover their brand-new ReLive Tex brand comprising certified premium products.


Mending For Good

Circular Economy

Mending for Good delivers positive social impact supporting artisans from social cooperatives. Founded by Barbara Guarducci and Saskia Terzani, the platform provides influential fashion companies circular solutions to dispose of excess stock and left-over materials by activating custom-projects that put people first. M4G has built a network of highly skilled crafts people who work on the materials. The company also helps brands adapt to the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility.


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