At the world’s leading trade show for fabrics and accessories for Lingerie, Swimwear & Activewear smart collaborations with leading players are protagonists. Do not miss Calida’s brand-new “100% Nature Collection” with ROICA™

ROICA™, the world’s leading sustainable premium stretch fibre by Asahi Kasei, is known for global success in the market with the very first sustainable premium stretch fibre.

“Being a pioneer in sustainability gave us the advantage to be the first to reach the end consumer’s wardrobe.” Says Shinohe Hiroaki, ROICA™ Chief Marketing Officer based in Germany. “In Paris, through partners innovations, we will present some of our ultimate achievements in terms of responsible innovation.”

ROICA Eco-Smart™ family of responsible premium stretch fibre includes:
Made with 58% of pre-consumer recycled content, the ROICA™ EF innovates with excellent dyeability and comes with the Global Recycled Standard – GRS – certification by the influential Textile Exchange,
-the Cradle to Cradle Material Health Gold Level certified ROICA™ V550 allows excellent and durable printability with relevant circular economy advantages.
Both yarns are part of successful ROICA Eco-Smart™ family range.

roica, calida, 100% nature

“100 % NATURE” collection by Calida reflects a shared vision for sustainable fashion. A mission and a strong commitment combining comfort with technology, style and a responsible attitude. Manufactured in a closed, particularly energy-efficient cycle and sourced from sustainably managed forests, the man/woman underwear and loungewear collection by leading fashion brand Calida reaches the 100% of sustainability. Thanks to be a part of this colleciotn, the premium stretch fiber ROICA™ delivers ultimate hyper-performance in both stretch and sustainability.
“100% NATURE” is certified Cradle to Cradle™, which means that raw materials can be used time and again in an ongoing biological cycle. Calida is also the first clothing brand worldwide to be awarded the ‘MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®’ label, which is based on compliance with strict social responsibility and ecological criteria and certifies that the textiles carrying the label have been tested for harmful substances.

ROICA™ PARTNERS AT INTERFILIÈRE demonstrate how important is not only to be the first in responsible innovation but that being a leader requires constant research, commitment and investment to raise the bar in sustainability.
ROICA™ partners using ROICA Eco-Smart™ family in Paris show are:

Dresdner (DE) (stand D30): Since 2016 the developments of Dresdner Spitzen are strongly pursuing the aim of sustainability. The entire production process is certified as “Sustainable Textile Production – SteP by Oekotex”. Following this strategy the new collections are based on the use of regenerative materials like Modal and Micro Modal by Tencel and recycled polyamide fibers in combination with the ROICA Eco-Smart(tm) stretch fibers. Upon request they provide products that fulfil the requirements for the Cradle-to Cradle certification, C2C, for the biological cycle. Sustainability in combination with comfort and function for high elastic laces.

Feinjersey (AU) (stand C11) presents Cradle to Cradle Gold Level certified High gage finerib quality, free cut , created to offer top wearing comfort and perfect fit. Extremely clean look as well as controlled elasticity, unique stretching under force properties and no curling thanks to ROICA™ V550.

Iluna Group S.p.A. (IT) (booth D43): The pursuit of perfection and detail continues with a particular emphasis on sustainability, now a primary theme in the Iluna collection. There are many proposals and innovations that the Group will present at the next edition of Interfilière, all the precious elastic lace contains ROICA™ EF. The Group is, in fact, the only manufacturer of lace that since 2017 uses this recycled stretch throughout all its range of its elastic lace. Among the novelties flounces jacquardtronic and multicolour all-overs raschel as well as jacquardtronic galoons with GRS certified Q-NOVA®, made for more than half by pre-consumption waste.

Innova Fabrics S.R.L. (IT) (booth B8): showcases the new article Lyon made of Q-NOVA® and ROICA™ EF. With very good dyeability and a high affinity for printing, it is addressed both to swimwear and lightweight clothing and athleisure. In the most creative range, the new small jacquards enrich the collection of drawings developed according to seasonal trends and in accordance with the taste of the company’s creatives. The scuba range, characteristic of the entire Innova Fabrics collection, has also expanded, adding new materials dedicated to the ready-to-wear sporting and athletic markets, combining well-tested yarns with the most modern weaving structures in combination with high-end ROICA™ premium stretch.

Lauma Fabrics (LV) (booth A15) specialized in knitted fabric, laces, embroidery and ribbons, presents several premium articles that include ROICA™ V550 as camouflage rascheltronic and a very special striped band with selvedge.

Maglificio Alto Milanese (IT) (booth A11) a new product range addressed to easy cut lingerie created with responsible fibres as Tencel and organic cotton. The company presents some melange articles in TENCEL MICRO®, Tencel /linen, Micromodal/silk – all using ROICA™ or ROICA™ V550 for their responsible offer. The research of extremely fine organic cotton options allowed the company to create certified easy cut articles.

Maglificio Ripa (IT) (booth C8): presents new intimate, beachwear, athleisure and sportswear developments within the PE 2021 Earth collection, a perfect example of fashion and function driven by the corporate commitment to responsible innovation, Maglificio Ripa mixes the most advanced sustainable fibres with the premium stretch fibre, ROICA™ EF: EVO® by Fulgar for out of water fabrics, new ribs for swimwear, interlock with waste needle, special interlocks with Q-NOVA® by Fulgar, a series of Tencel™ articles, a selection of proposals with Sensil® Ecocare by Nilit and innovative and precious 3D jacquard.

Piave Maitex S.R.L. (IT) (booth C14): presents “AGAIN” a smart and technically advanced line, that balances performances, functionality and sustainable features, formed of highly performing jerseys. Three premium Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified sustainable ingredients have been involved in the production of “AGAIN”: the premium stretch fibre ROICA™ EF, perPETual high-quality sustainable polyester and Reco Nylon® yarn by NUREL. Lastly, Piave selected the NILIT® Ecocare recycled nylon 6.6 with deep, uniform colour that is certified as a pre-consumer recycled fiber by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). The range of functional fabrics, dyeable and transfer printable, perfectly combines creativity, innovation, real performance and sustainability all at once offering unparalleled comfort, performance, and tenacity.

TAUBERT Textil GMBH (DE) (booth B11): presents new designs within the Jacquard range with recycled polyamide and ROICA™ EF. This will complete their new range which is focused on sustainability. Furthermore, they will present a new quality SENSUAL CONTROL addressed to plus sizes, which is proper for molding as well. And a new free cut / HEM fabric with a very soft touch, both the fabrics are with ROICA™ V550.

Tessitura Colombo Antonio S.R.L. (IT) (booth A43): presents jacquardtronic allover black laces with ROICA™ V550 premium stretch. Geometrical designs that perfectly fit sporty and athleisure vibes. For lingerie the company highlights a jacquardtronic stretch gallon in natural bronze colour mad with Q-NOVA® and ROICA™ EF. Part of their “Wheat & Honey” trend category, it mixes embroidery feels with more natural looking designs.

Additional ROICA™ partners at Interfilière also exhibiting a wide-range of other ROICA™ specialties:

MG2 CREATION (FR) (booth A17): innovates with its Bi-stretch responsible products. Created from recycled polyester yarns and ROICA™ stretch yarns, MG2 Creation presents a new range of products for fully eco-friendly lingerie and swimwear. Made entirely in France with European raw materials. These Oekotex certified products meet the current needs of respect for the environment and local production.

TVB (DE) (booth B11): dedicated to the production of finest knitted fabrics in top quality, presents a spacer fabric made with recycled polyester and ROICA™ HP, belonging to the ROICA Resistance™ family of high-tech premium stretch yarns, enhances advanced stretch performances that last longer.

Great news, ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei announced the 2020 renewal of the partnership with Intima Media Group, in support of the Italian award Stelle Best Shop Awards, exclusive contest where the best multibrand independent stores are selected and awarded in different categories. A precious and innovative platform that re-awards the creative and qualitative excellence, ideal frame for promoting premium materials like ROICA™.