C.L.A.S.S. welcomes Marini Industrie in its Material Hub

C.L.A.S.S. Material hub is our section dedicated to producers of innovative ingredients: fiber, yarn, fabric, leather and accessories.

Today we are happy to introduce you our new partner: Marini Industrie.

Marini Industrie is one of the key players working with natural fibers in the Prato district – Italy’s strategic area and vibrant textile production and innovation arena. Marini coordinates local companies to create premium textiles powered by sustainable values – from raw materials selection to dyeing and finishing.

The history of Marini group rests on a strong foundation of tradition, combined with the passion of creative professions. Everything began in 1945 in Prato (Tuscany) when Mario Marini and Enzo Cecconi founded the eponymous woollen mill Marini & Cecconi. Since its inception, the company has created fine fabrics never losing the ability to move along with the times.

In addition to signing the Detox commitment, Marini Industrie joined in October 2016 – along with 26 others italian companies – the Italian Consortium Detox Implementation (CID). The consortium employs a Technical Scientific Committee which includes Greenpeace.

In 2019 they moved from their historic headquarters to a new location born from scratch with a green perspective and promoting the well-being of workers. All in perfect coherence with theGreenpeace Detox program.

Offices overlooking a roof garden full of plants, flowers and a waterfall
Photovoltaic system that covers 100% of thenecessary energy;
Charging columns for electric cars andmotorcycles in the parking lot;
A digital archive that will collect 50 thousand fabrics produced by the factory from the 1960s totoday;

Their goal is to achieve at least 75% sustainable materials for theirproducts by 2025 and to make 100% of our products with sustainable materials and end-of-use by 2030.

Discover more on Marini Industrie watching the below C.L.A.S.S. Smart Interview in which our CEO & founder Giusy Bettoni meets Francesco Marini, Designer & Innovation manager Marini Industrie.

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