C.L.A.S.S. welcomes Sense – immaterial Reality in its Future Devices

C.L.A.S.S. Future Devices is our area reserved for the new frontiers of digital communication: from virtual reality and haptics to blockchain platforms.

Today we are happy to introduce you our new partner:

Sense – immaterial Reality

Sense creates a new way of interaction combining physical and digital worlds for Fashion, Design, Lifestyle & Art through Immaterial Reality. 

Combining powerful software competence with a deep understanding of the products, Sense helps companies in their digital transformation and brings forward business processes. 

Sense is a leader in the digital textile world, where it marked a turning point with the development of the Sense Fabric Platform. It is the easiest way to digitize, showcase, and sell fabric collections.

Sense Appeal, the next-generation remote sales, marketing & creation platform allows to work in synch at a distance & interact as if in presence. 

Sense – immaterial Reality is based in Milan in Superstudio Più (via Tortona 27) – the heart of the Fashion & Design District. 

Why choose imagination if you can have immaterial?

Discover more on Sense – immaterial Reality watching the below C.L.A.S.S. Smart Interview in which our CEO & founder Giusy Bettoni meets Anastasiia Hrachova, Communications Sense – immaterial Reality.

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