CO.LAB brand-new business model unveil its 1st ready-to-wear, smart collections focusing on water-saving, ethical treatment of animals and a responsible soft-touch feel.

Paris, September 17th, 2019 – C.L.A.S.S. – Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy -, the global resource for smart material innovation, education, marketing and communication, presents CO.LAB, a collaborative smart platform and research-lab aiming to create a new way of making fashion smart.

“CO.LAB was created as a prompt answer responding to the very end-users increasing demand for responsible and sustainable products. From here, we realised it was fundamental to create an innovation wardrobe and smart platform open to companies willing to make a difference in the textile and fashion business. We teamed up with TINTEX, the leading manufacturer of ‘naturally advanced’ jersey fabrics, and other leading garment manufacturers such as Becri, Confetil and Pedrosa & Rodrigues to create a multileveled set of skills ranging from fabrics making to style development, production as well as marketing and communication. All in name of design driven by sustainability.”

C.L.A.S.S. founder Giusi Bettoni.

CO.LAB is set to unveil its first cutting-edge and ready-to-wear collections developed to tackle some of the most pressing issues in fashion such as responsible water-saving production and easy-soft sportwear woven responsibly with the next generation of chemistry. The range has also obtained the influential and responsible PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – certification.

“We responded to C.L.A.S.S.’ input with enthusiasm, proud to be part of an innovative and never-seen before sustainable model. For the first time, teams of professionals specialised in different fields can collaborate not only to create new collections for the end-users or for their clients, but they can actually join forces to find together smart innovative solutions that can be scoped only from a broader and communal perspective. Because 1+1+1+1+1 doesn’t equal 5, but much more. And for the planet.”

Ana Silva Tavares, Head of Sustainability of TINTEX.

LEGACY H2O by Becri and TINTEX Fabrics is the minimal-casual and new-born classic apparel collection crying out for less water and more style. The range comprises man and woman designs standing out for track & traceable innovation and guaranteeing less water is used in all aspects of sourcing, design and make. The collection reflects and bold and determined attitude. Why should we accept and contribute to water waste for the sake of being fashionable? The real cool is responsible, LEGACY H2O won’t take any NO for an answer.

LEGACY H2O By Becri and TINTEX Fabrics.

The ECOPERFORMER by Confetil and TINTEX Fabrics collection meets the values of millennials and generation Z consumer. Sustainable, multitasking, gender neutral and designed to fit contemporary urban lifestyle. The collection comprises modern soft sports garment with fully transparent innovation values. The range flexes its muscles with the best sustainable and high-performative materials for comfort, ease and style. Designed to win.

ECOPERFORMER By Confetil and TINTEX Fabrics.

SENSING SMARTS by Pedrosa & Rodrigues and TINTEX Fabrics is both sensitive and sensible. It comprises easy-to-wear, smooth and soft-touch garments created by an extremely responsible process that reduces the use of chemical products to the absolutely bare minimum. A 360° responsible approach is born, harnessing the most-cutting edge technologies for the next generation of chemistry. The result is a collection as light, delicate and fresh as a leaf which ‘buds’ from naturally advanced innovation materials for beauty and well-being.

SENSING SMARTS By Pedrosa & Rodrigues and TINTEX Fabrics.

Imbued with shared knowledge and professionality, the collection will be unveiled at Première Vision at C.L.A.S.S. and TINTEX booths. The wardrobe of tomorrow is taking shape.