TINTEX Textiles’ Naturally Advanced Roadmap to Honest & Responsible New-Tech Innovation February 12th – 14th, 2019 – Hall 5 booth 5N54 5P47

Jersey by TINTEX Textiles made with GRS certified ECOTEC® and GRS certified ROICA™ EF premium smart stretch

TINTEX Textiles presents new exemplary concepts based on a continuous textile research for responsible, ethical-minded fashions. It is born out of heritage and passion to use only good materials and the finest finishing techniques for better textile. Thus, in the best spirit of its unique Portuguese culture.

The new S/S 2020 collection starts from the concept of “UNO”:

A full Naturally Advanced offer that is gathered together under one emblematic cultural standard. One that refers to unity as a result of the revolutionary generation in a society that embraces uniqueness and differentiation. Furthermore, UNO stands for unification, cross-fertilization, inclusion, just like an orchestra playing in concert with the same purpose. It is the perfect chance to discover a range of unique developments that truly embody the company’s identity. This, balancing responsible innovation and creativity. Smart ingredients take the lead being enhanced by the TINTEX unique dyeing and finishing expertise.

Starting from the “UNO is…embrace yourself” concept

A unique range of natural fibres are blended with technical qualities for new levels of wellbeing performance. Shirt structures, timeless jerseys and interlocks are born from the transformed polyamide Q-NOVA® by Fulgar with excellent moisture control. Moreover, from SeaCell™, that embodies the unique properties of seaweed combined with the unique ROICA™ CF (Clean Fit). This is a unique odor neutralizing premium stretch yarn by Asahi Kasei.

And continuing with idea that “UNO is…starting a revolution

Where the main characters are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton fabrics and ECOTEC® by Marchi&Fildi yarns saving up to 77.9% in water consumption in comparison to conventional cotton*. They bring more stretch performance to the next level with GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified ROICA™ EF responsible stretch yarn.

Experiencing the “UNO is…working together” selection

Furthermore, you will be able to discover the value of a positive group revolution. TENCEL™ Lyocell, together with REFIBRA™ by Lenzing and advanced Newlife™ continuous filaments, deliver a feeling of comfort and softness. In terms of the stretch component, the choice is ROICA™ V550. A premium stretch boasting the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold Level for Material Health product and ingredients. In addition to the Hohenstein Environment Compatibility Certificate as, at its end of life, it breaks down without releasing harmful substances.

To conclude our journey of unification, we proudly present “UNO is…liv ing the dream”.

Where preciousness embraces you, with a delicate and feminine structure born from extra fine cashmeres and Supima cottons. Moreover, this unique style and colour performances are achieved thanks to Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei. A new generation GRS Certified, high-tech natural and super-precious material made from recovered cotton linters. In addition, Bemberg™ boasts a biodegradability certification by Innovhub and is a mix with ROICA Colour Perfect™. A premium stretch ingredient that delivers deep and flawless colors.

Above all, UNO is designed uniquely to fit all daily lives needs. A creative, relaxed and sophisticated offer built on the principles of responsible sourcing, low-impact processing and creative execution.

Natural fibers, and in particular a new generation of smart cottons

This, represent one of the key assets of TINTEX production. It embodies the essence of our Naturally Advanced concept. Indeed, we are really proud today to introduce a new system and process that starts from the beginning of a new and complete supply chain. From a raw Pima cotton material down to finished garments, delivering new, responsible values and performances. A unique initiative aimed at making the cotton dyeing process far more efficient and sustainable, measurably reducing water use, toxic chemicals and salt. To date, this is just the beginning, a very dynamic starting point, all thanks to these precious and smart cooperations:


The perfect result of a happenstance encounter between a textile chemist and an entrepreneur. It represents an innovative technology that applies a patented and safe wet treatment to bales of raw Pima cotton fiber.
Above all, this happens early on in the supply chain. In particular, between the cotton field and the spinner, allowing for a deep and consistent application of the technology.

Tearfil Textile Yarns

With 45 years of spinning experience the Portuguese mill produces yarns with open end, ring spun, siro spun and Pluma high-tech spinning technologies. Tearfil has been applying its advanced expertise to deliver this unique yarn.

• With these yarns, TINTEX has developed a capsule collection. It encloses 6 responsibly made jerseys: stripes, ribs and melanges where reds, greens and grays dominate the color palette.

Becri Group, crafting garments since 1983

Even more they are enriched with different types of embroidery, placement or all over prints, piece transfer printing, with specialist washing and dyeing finishes. This capsule includes 8 relaxed and casual styles characterized by a strong versatility. This is s the result of a profound study of body shapes, all optimized using unique materials that are sourced from the all participating partners.

This special collection is able to offer a naturally compatible value

Here we are not just reducing water use by as much as 90%, but also that up to 95% of toxic chemicals can be eliminated (Savings numbers based on extensive third party market analysis by Hatch ). Salt, one of the primary chemicals in cotton dyeing, is no longer needed to create beautiful, lasting color. Other key manufacturer benefits, leverage the fact that dyehouses can now increase their production capacity 300% thanks to shorter dyeing times. In addition to less fixed costs and more efficient production. Significantly lower water, energy, and chemical use means to use less expensive raw materials that match higher cost luxury standards.

ColorZen® unique fabric by TINTEX Textiles

An additional step of the TINTEX journey to responsible innovation and water saving, is represented by THE BLUE LAB initiative. This, created in collaboration with the NGO Drip by Drip. It is another Naturally Advanced commitment to create responsible, water efficient textile solutions in alignment with social values.

A supply chain of premium partners behind Blue Ben brand:

Tearfil creating the yarn, TINTEX realizing the water efficient fabrics, Estrela do Campo crafting the garments, Montebelo that works closely with brands, organizations and manufacturers to create responsible fashion products and with Agroho the non-profit organization that is working for marginalized communities in Bangladesh. Five amazing innovations able to save up to 90% of water. From the cultivation of raw materials as well as in the fabric dyeing process and of course through water recycling. This fabric collection has been developed using the following key smart fibers: TENCEL™ Lyocell, Modal, hemp and ROICA™ V550 by Asahi Kasei.

And let’s look at the TINTEX exceptional, Naturally Clean® finishing process launched last September 2018

Naturally Clean® enhances the natural beauty of cotton and cellulosic fibres. It also takes a cost effective modern approach to eliminate aggressive treatments and optimizes clean surfaces, vivid colors, providing an exquisitely smooth handfeel. Naturally Clean® achieves this by using Novozymes technology, a company that is a world leader in biological solutions. Second, using textile chemicals Beyond Surface Technologies AG which have the lowest possible environmental impact, without compromising performance. Naturally Clean® maintains the original characteristics over an extended period of time. All materials are Oeko-Tex and can also be Bluesign® certified, which will evidence the future elimination of harmful substances.

New key brand adoption

Linen Wrap Dress by Filippa K enriched by Naturally Clean

In conclusion, between the first and key adopters of TINTEX brandnew Naturally Clean finishing, shines Filippa K. A leading Nordic fashion brand with a modern, smart approach to the responsible development of their lines. Emblematic pieces for the SS 2019 main collection are the Linen Wrap Dress, the M Linen Long Sleeve Tee and the M Linen R-neck short sleeve Tee. All made with a TINTEX heavy stretch linen. Moreover, they integrate ROICA Colour Perfect™ family dyeable premium stretch yarn, enriched by the unique Naturally Clean finishing.

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