ECOTEC® by Marchi & Fildi: New Partners Reflect International Expansion and Growing Succes

ECOTEC® Inspiration
Discover New Partners and the Exceptional Benefits of ECOTEC® by Marchi & Fildi

Marchi & Fildi, recognized as the leading Italian manufacturer of ECOTEC® smart cotton is widening their international reach. This September they present new partners that offer a wide range of fantastic products in exciting colors and inspiring textures.

ECOTEC® is the trademark, representing high-quality 100% traceable yarns made in Italy, and a certified manufacturing process. ECOTEC® presents contemporary values as chemical safety and human health. Furthermore, they record reductions in water, C02 emissions and energy, compared to conventional and organic cotton:

77.9% less water

56.3% less CO2 emissions

56.6% less energy

New remarkable partnership

ECOTEC® is making a difference, as they proudly activate change based on the principles of a Circular Economy. In addition to ECOTEC® longstanding accredited partners, the NEW partners are:

Avelana – Fábrica de Malhas, SA. founded in 1986 specializing in the production and marketing of a wide range of knitwear for garment making.

Fiveol Textil Spa. Italian producer of knitted jersey fabric, ribs, jacquard using any kind of yarn, natural, synthetic and ECOTEC® by Marchi & Fildi.

Lurdes Sampaio Knits SA. A Portuguese company offering the best textures and compositions to reach a better functionality dedicated commitment to sustainability and best social practices. They also proudly supports BCI to create a better future for cotton-farming communities.

NGS Malhas SA with over 27,000 references, NGS’ portfolio includes flawless quality knit fabrics.

Vilartex, a Portuguese company with a long tradition in high quality circular knitting fabrics that inspire fashion. The collection includes basic, fancy, and beautiful jacquards.

The exceptional process to create ECOTEC® yarns offers an incredible opportunity to encourage brands and retailers to cooperate with Marchi & Fildi to design waste out of fashion. Therefore, brands and retailers can supply their pre-consumer cotton fabric and knit clippings to Marchi & Fildi. The ECOTEC® process transforms clippings into high quality yarns optimizing a joint endeavor that targets a zero waste posi­tion.

Research and commitment for the latest collection

Dedicated to discovery and innovation, Marchi & Fildi invests every season in a program of textile developments. This, to showcase their ECOTEC® range of smart and responsible yarns. As a spinner, it is vital to show direct partners the potential of using their dynamic colored range of eco centric materials.


For SS 2020 season, ECOTEC® looks at an oceanic coolness and organic vegetal texturing. ECOTEC® Inspiration plays with the ebb and flow of nature in soft tonalities for jacquard open, clean plaids, bayaderes and new athleisure semi plains for Polaris and Chagall qualities. New casual textures and crisp, dry Prince of Wales checks work in Pegasus yarns. Moreover, Phoenix is colorized in fancy mesh stripings. The lightest double face combinations, or elaborate open lace effects make the most of the Ginerva luxe quality. Texture and movement come from manipulated pleated stripes and tonal jacquards or in random surface textures using smart blended Phoenix qualities.

New brand adoption: ECOTEC® goes to Berlin!
ICE MONKEY Berlin t-shirt made with ECOTEC® jersey by TINTEX Textiles
ICE MONKEY Berlin t-shirt made with ECOTEC® jersey by TINTEX Textiles

This season contemporary brand adoptions include ICE MONKEY Berlin, the brand designs timeless and luxurious T-shirts and Polos. Timeless is not only the style, but also the combination of innovative fabrics and traditional manufacturing techniques from Europe. As a young fashion brand from Berlin, it is constantly looking for smart solutions. For this reason, they are open for experiments, always searching for the extraordinary. Therefore, the brand selected several ECOTEC® jersey qualities produced by TINTEX Textiles for its capsule collection 2019. The new interpretations of urban classics stand out with nonchalance and high qualitative sustainable fabric.


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