Established in Prato in 1966, Lanificio Europa creates collections that are backed by passion, commitment and expertise in textiles. Together with, specialized artisans and skilled technicians uphold 50 years of tradition and professionalism, reinforced by Tuscan culture and heritage.

Europa specializes in the production of cotton stretch fabrics including super stretch for casual and sportswear, embroidered and printed, denim, yarn dyes and superior jacquards. 100% made in Italy, using fully transparent and traceable production processes to guarantee ethical and responsible production, certified by Eurocontrol.

Europa produces fabrics upholding advanced ecological standards, as evidenced by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification. As of March 2016, Europa signed the Detox Commitment with Greenpeace, joining the CID (Consorzio Implementazione Detox). This set a new standard of excellence for managing chemical substances within the textile production chain. A much-needed benchmark for textile and fashion companies. Thus, supporting Europa’s goal to respect the environment.

The CID Consortium team continues to mobilize the global textile industry. Its aim is to raise awareness and activate change among the multinational producers of dyestuff to embark on a path of improvement toward the removal of many chemical substances. The CID has increased the competences of fashion systems in Prato and now beyond.

Smart ingredients

Europa denimEuropa selects premium innovative smart raw materials to produce responsible stretch denim. First of all, the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Membership, a not-for-profit organization, which promotes better standards in cotton farming. Through BCI and its partners, farmers receive a training regarding water consume and care for the health of the soil. Furthermore, they learn how to reduce the use of harmful chemicals, all of that applying fair work principles.

Next to this, they introduce Newlife™, a High-Tech Conversion Model that transforms fully traceable post-consumer plastic bottles into a high-tech polymer. This, using a mechanical process entirely made ​​in Italy.

Another smart ingredient is ROICA™, a premium stretch fiber produced by Asahi Kasei, in particular, the ROICA Eco-Smart™ Family. Europa’s premium stretch articles use the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) version 3 certified ROICA™ yarn, more than 50% of pre-consumer recycled content. In detail, Europa internally prepares its own stretch yarn to combine sustainable ROICA™ yarns with Newlife™. Therefore, obtaining a smart yarn entirely made of GRS certified materials.

Europa’s goal is to achieve 70-80% of the collection with sustainable stretch yarn with ROICA ™ Eco-Smart family.

Last but not least, they include Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei, a one-of-a-kind, new generation, natural smart material with elegant beauty. Produced since 1931, exclusively by Asahi Kasei, from natural cotton linters, transformed through a traceable and transparent process that upholds Circular Economy credentials.

Europa’s Excellence

This season, Europa has developed a beautiful stretch denim with 10% cashmere. While some stretch denim contains at least 33% of processed wool treated with an internally developed finishing that makes the denim stable in size. The yarns are made exclusively for Europa.

Europa’s Excellence includes:

  • 3twist®, an exclusive twisting system that guarantees perfect form after washing, permanent wearability and a full recovery of product shape.
  • “Relax” finishing, a luxury treatment that relaxes the fabric naturally and preserves its purity and integrity.
  •®, a special finishing process to make fabric softer, delicate and resistant, crease-free and guarantees perfect fit and recovery after wash

Europa’s approach to a circular economy and zero waste goes beyond! As a matter of fact, it includes using its weaving and throwsting leftovers. The white scraps are transformed into wicks for household cleaning products, while remaining materials are used to produce non-woven batting.

A project by Venezia da Vivere and a capsule collection made in Bemberg™ fabrics, designed by Tiziano Guardini with the illustrator Jacopo Ascari. May 2023 – Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei, the unique fiber ob…