Re.Verso™ is the identifying trademark of a new, totally traceable, certified and transparent, Italian textile system concerning wool materials. It is a fully integrated chain that allows the creation of unique and highly valuable materials. The supply chain is based on wool and cashmere pre consumer clippings, supplied by the best Italian and international brands and producers of the fashion industry. This innovative and exclusive system allows great savings in terms of energy (-76%), water (-89%) consumption, and CO2 emissions (-96%), as certified by the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) done by PRIMA Q (data is related to wool). The system is certified Global Recycling Standard (GRS), ISO 9001 and SA8000.

The supply chain of excellence is based on the collaboration of 5 premium textile Italian producers: Green Line and Nuova Fratelli Boretti for the raw material, and then A. Stelloni Collection By Mapel for fashion textiles, Filpucci for high-end, luxury knitwear yarns and Filatura C4 for contract and woven yarns.

PRODUCT INNOVATIONS: The main character, as well as the key word, of this season is: Re.Verso™ Baby Camel, a soft and delicate yarn, with a unique touch that preserves all the natural, luxury proprieties Baby Camel, and reveals the unique and precious nuances tuned with most contemporary, deluxe aspirations that will be added to the Smart DNA of Re.Verso™. A.Stelloni Collection By Mapel is going to introduce its brand new and exclusive fabrics 100% Re.Verso™ Baby Camel, created thanks to the long time experience of the Re.Verso™ platform and its deep knowledge in fabric production.
Re.Verso™ has been presented, for the first time, at Première Vision Sep-tember 2014 as the result of two years dedication in the development of the concept and processes by three protagonists: the
Group, C.L.A.S.S. and Re.Verso™ itself. Together they have worked diligently to leverage the advantage that a new and unique supply chain could achieve in delivering more innovative yet responsible fashion materials and they are now ready with an integrated plan featuring Re.Verso™ cashmere for the Gucci AW15/16 mens, womens and childrenswear collections.
For the A/W 2016/2017 several brands selected the Re.Verso™ products as main smart choices of their lines and include a diverse roster of adoptions with Eileen Fisher, Stella McCartney, Filippa K and Patagonia, have all now selected this unique product for their knitwear lines with a luxury wool and cashmere blend from Filpucci, while Front Runners by Filippa K selected the Re.Verso™ by A.Stelloni by Mapel fabrics.