Green Label by Iluna Group with ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei

A new stage of responsible innovation as the first selection of sustainable legwear is born.
Iluna Group and ROICA™ continue their synergic path tied to the most “advanced” innovation, the type capable of including and offering to the contemporary consumer, a nice, quality and also sustainable product!
Indeed, after the total switch of last season that lead ILUNA GROUP to adopt the ROICA™ Eco Smart yarn – a world-first GRS-certified premium stretch thread that ensures the recycling of production residues up to 60% on all top-of-the-range Jacquardtronic and Textronic articles, today ILUNA goes way beyond, with the introduction of a new line:

Green Label, realized with ROICA™ Eco Smart, means:

The first selection that features lace, new double-needle lace and, for the very first time, fishnet stockings and jacquard.

  • Creativity, technological innovation and environmental sustainability.
  • An alchemy of design and sustainable innovation, the only eco-fashion line which includes lace and stockings, capable of combining ethics and high quality standards with a fashion image of bright and deep colors.
  • With Green Label, Iluna Group becomes leader in the production of lace on global scale, offering a new typology of fully GRS-certified products.
    The Iluna Group DNA evolves therefore in an actual collection project, with a new responsible approach in respect of the planet and its people that always seeks innovation, beauty and quality, at 360°.
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