Cupro fiber Balancing Beauty, Touch and Sustainable Values

Cupro is a matchless and original, new generation material made from the smart-tech transformation of a cotton linter, bio-utility waste, converted through a traceable and transparent process, representing a perfect circular economy fiber model since the beginning of its production. An Innovhub 3rd party lab test proves Cupro can claim a fully biodegradable end of life option, and to add an extra layer to its smart credentials, Cupro has just received the GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard) which dovetails with the completed, recent LCA study, signed by ICEA, securing a quality profile for Cupro. Taken together, they redefine its responsible status today, while paving the way to measure and confirm the smart improvement possibilities for the future.
Leading seasonal fashion fabric innovations include: Euromaglia, Fiveol Textil, Infinity, Ipeker, Jackytex, Lanificio Europa, Matias & Araujo, O’Jersey, Sidonios Malhas, SMI Tessuti, T.B.M. Group, Tessitura Uboldi Luigi and Texteam.
Concerning lining, at Cupro booth you will find an amazing full range of lining fabrics made in multiple elegant color combinations and designed for both formal and casual styles: Brunello, Cervotessile, Gianni Crespi Foderami, Gi Tessil Foderami, Manifattura Pezzetti, Tessitura Marco Pastorelli, Tessitura Mauri and Tmr Cederna Fodere.
Cupro is also proud to announce its inclusion in the “responsible innovation collection launched in occasion of last Pitti Filati by Filpucci, the premium international hi end knit leader.
This collection represents a new level of smart innovation linked to responsible, eco-centric production. It uses the best high-tech, natural-based materials, such as Cupro, combined with FILPUCCI’s dying & finishing expertise. A brand new, fashion-forward aesthetic, where quality and smart uniqueness in these new, more responsible yarns, deliver a new textile era of sustainable fashion solutions that are driven by ethical and natural values.

On top of this, an another premium adoption: Cupro selected by Manifattura Ceccarelli.
Manifattura Ceccarelli was born in 1998, with the specific objective to create outdoor and urban wear. Quality of raw materials, care of details and made in Italy manufacturing represent the key characteristics of Manifattura Ceccarelli. That chooses Cupro as lining for its jackets. A distinctive feature that conveys an even more special value to the garments. In the picture you can see “Goose Down Fisherman Parka”, one piece that reminds those parkas used by the US Air Force: filled with goose feathers and lined with silk for functional reasons and not just for aesthetic. The new version of parka by Manifattura Ceccarelli is using a double-twisted cotton outer fabric, strongly water-repellent, since the natural paraffin has been inserted inside the fibers and not by fabric immersion. The inside of the garment is padded with down goose 90/10 and the Cupro lining by Gianni Crespi Foderami– which is very similar to silk – makes the parka lighter and more comfortable close to the skin offering all the features of great quality and durability that a parka must offer.

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