NICE and CLASS refashion their partnership for the opening of the Fabric Source and for the third edition of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit on April 24th 2014.

Officially opening on February 24th, the Fabric Source is the first Nordic sustainable fabric platform, created for the fashion and textile industry with the aim to prove that fashion can be sustainable without compromising design, price and quality.



C.L.A.S.S. with its long-term expertise on innovative and sustainable materials is a main partner bringing its knowledge and its Eco-library into this new platform which is going to be a physical fabric sourcing library where you can get inspired by more than 1,000 sustainable fabrics.

The C.L.A.S.S. product categories available at the Fabric Source will include the whole range from natural & organic textiles, to repurposed & recycled fabrics, to innovative renewables.

C.L.A.S.S. now has a new embassy in Copenhagen

Once again, C.L.A.S.S. collaborates with NICE and the Danish Fashion Institute to be their Official Materials Partner for Textiles at this the 3rd edition of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in April this year.

This event is confirmed as the leading and largest conference dedicated to all the new and key issues relating to sustainable fashion on a global scale.

CLASS and NICE have worked well together since 2009, because they share the same objectives and philosophy, as well as the know-how to best bring innovation and sustainability to the fashion industry. These projects help facilitate a more responsible way fashion brands and designers can acquire materials and processes. In sum it helps show a new way to transform eco-fashion from niche to mainstream, appealing to an ever-growing consumer who wants to choose better.

The 2014 Fashion Summit program is still ongoing, with many surprises still to come. The third partnership kicked off seriously in December 2013, during an exchange workshop titled The Design Challenge in Copenhagen. It was here, with the help of CLASS that new designers selected fabrics and materials from the CLASS eco-library. The seven designers who participated included Designers Remix, Barbara I Gongini, Gudrun & Gudrun, Marimekko, Nina Skarra, The Local firm and Leila Hafzi.

These designers will next present their vision of sustainability on the conference catwalk, and Giusy Bettoni will be part of the Design Challenge Jury to select the best and overall winner of this year’s event. As well as being on the catwalk, CLASS partner materials and products will be creatively showcased in a new interactive display in the central foyer space of the Copenhagen Opera House, where delegates and designers will be able to touch, feel, understand and enjoy the latest in eco-textiles innovations today, close up and personal!

Up to date, participating CLASS partners this year include Lanificio Zignone, Gruppo Cinque, Euromaglia, TMR Cederna, Centro Seta, Ipeker, Lanfranchi, Lanificio Stelloni, Thermore, Boselli, Monocel, mYak, Tessiture Imperiali.

Watch this space for further developments and details that will be there in Copenhagen this April 23-24, 2014.

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