Sybilla and Maria talk with us about their new showroom of eco-materials in Madrid, realized in partnership with C.L.A.S.S.

When, from November 27th to December 1st, the first showroom C.L.A.S.S. & FFF fabrics opened its doors in Madrid, the partnership between C.L.A.S.S. and Fabrics for Freedom finally became a reality. This joint venture aims to promote variety, innovation and organic certified fabric quality.

We spoke with Sybilla Sorondo, FFF President and fashion designer, and María Almazán, FFF Director and fabrics expert to find out more about this fantastic Spanish organisation.

Sybilla Sorondo María Almazán










Can you briefly tell us who are you and what you do?

Sybilla «Fabrics For Freedom (FFF) is a foundation committed to the stimulation of the responsible textile consumption, promoting responsible textile consumption, through the use of natural and organic fibres. It supports and spreads sustainable fashion and production processes. FFF fabrics come from businesses and projects that use ecology as a tool for social transformation. We help brands and designers as they create fashion with beautiful back stories.»

Why did you choose to become a C.L.A.S.S. showroom?

Maria: «We think the way to achieve a real change in sustainable fashion is through the cooperation between organisations that pursue the same goals, we believe that C.L.A.S.S. & FFF are following the same path. We have worked hard over the last few years in the belief that sustainable change and innovative textiles are the future. We are confident that through joining forces and creating synergy we will achieve great things together.»

What “sustainable innovation” is for you ?

Sybilla:  «Real sustainable innovation is the only way to continue working in fashion with passion and responsibility. We are in a new time, in a cyclical change in where the old models are obsolete, now a designer can not only concerned about beauty or trend on the clothes. Now brands and designers should take care about materials they work with, care of the environment and about the people behind their clothes and CSR departments of fashion companies have to help their designers to participate in this process. This is real sustainable innovation.»

In your opinion what is the potential of eco fashion system in Spain?

Maria:  «We have been working in Spain with brands, designers and material suppliers the last years in the idea of creative a new ecological current in the spanish fashion; in Spain we have huge brands and really good designers and we know it is the moment to offer them materials for their creations. Perfect materials for our fashion new philosophy. Materials with beautiful histories behind.»

How went the showroom opening?

Sybilla «What a good welcome! We couldn’t be happier! During the showroom opening, it was exciting to hear words as “What a great fabrics!”, “I love their desing as well as the commitment of the project”, “I haven’t seen before something like that regarding on eco materials”… These kind of words inpire our job!!

We have received a lot of visits and our email started to be full of messages from more designers who wanted to know more about eco materials. We have turned the lights off looking forward to our next showroom. We are really grateful with all the designers and brands that have bet on sustainable and ecological fabrics. Thanks to the support of C.L.A.S.S and the effort of FFF team this showroom has been possible!»

Interview by Laura Molteni