Macef Green Map is Macef’s new project aimed at highlighting the range of environmentally sustainable products developed by the companies showing at the fair. The salon was held from the 26th to 29th of January 2012.

Green Map Macef: MACEF creating the sustainable home

The event’s aim was to guide and support visitors and buyers in their GREEN choices as they searched for home products with environmental value.

Each green product was marked with a card that described its social and environmental performance.

Macef Green Map was a follow up to the first edition of Macef Sustainable Home introduced last September.

959 presented several objects from their Home collection that were produced using the “raw” material of choice for all 959 collections, re-used car safety belts.

The collection on display included a pouf and containers of varying dimensions, from the smallest designed to hold the contents of a pocket to large baskets, perfect for storing objects such as firewood, magazines, children’s toys or anything else we don’t want to see strewn around the house.