Recycled Seatbelt Collection (bags and more..).Paolo Ferrari obtained his degree in Industrial Design from the Politecnico di Milano and gained professional experience working for various interior design studios. Since 2009 he has dedicated himself to 959®, a project born from his intuition and passion for recuperating industrial objects and transforming them into fashion or design articles. The brand name echoes 1959, the year in which Volvo began to install seatbelts in their cars, changing forever the concept of “car safety”. Paolo Ferrari transforms them into beautifully designed bags, creating a collection entirely produced from recuperating material from car scrap yards. This idea is both ethical and contemporarily aesthetically pleasing and focuses on the relationship between the use value and aesthetic value of an object in a surprising way, giving seatbelts a new social status: a day to day accessory now enters fully into the world of fashion. In this way 959® gives life to a product that establishes new relationship rules in the world of fashion which has become ever more attentive towards environmental issues and more active in the search for production routes that are both ecologically compatible and sustainable. Design and fashion come together allowing the “indestructible” material – a polyester belt – to preserve its function – protection – and to transfer this with all its connected values; resistance, practicality and durability from saving the life of people to protecting the life of objects: the contents of the bag.