C.L.A.S.S. & A New Point of Materials by Lineapelle: making responsible innovation travel around the globe

C.L.A.S.S. is going above and beyond in the discovery and promotion of sustainable and innovative materials. The international eco hub is making responsible innovation travel internationally through A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS by Lineapelle, the itinerary space imagined and constructed by LINEAPELLE in collaboration with C.L.A.S.S. Ecohub and Orietta Pelizzari, Global Fashion Advisor.

A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS by LINEAPELLE is a new-generation, engaging and immediately accessible exhibition tool that, thanks to the work of a team of experts, allows all stakeholders in the fashion and luxury industry to discover and learn about the genuinely green journey of leather, textile materials and technologies. Among them we can find BEYONDPLASTICS by ACBC, EDMOS by Gled, MARM\MORE® by Fili Pari, Bio-Veg by Coronet, EVRNU by Nucycl, waste-to-wear technologies by Circular Systems, Nyguard, Viridis by Panama Trimmings, X22 by X-Plating, Pett Felt & Rewooly Felt by Lanificio Bigagli and many more.

An open-source and uniquely formative experience, ANPOM is gaining success thanks to its ability to respond to the needs of the market in terms of “understanding“ the concrete meaning of “responsible innovation of a material“, where   transparency and traceability are key.  A perfect fit for the cities of Milan, Los Angeles and Stockholm, always looking ahead while keeping style in mind.

In Milan, A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS was featured inside Lineapelle, the international trade fair which has become a reference point for leather, accessories and textiles, during the time of Milan Fashion Week. Afterwards, this special initiative has been hosted by key sparkers of change in the LA scene, such as The Campus, The ArtCenter College of Design and several design studios.  Finally – for the moment – the itinerary space was moved to Stockholm, for a day of appointments with leading brands and designers in the Sweden area.

All throughout these stops, C.L.A.S.S. founder and CEO Giusy Bettoni has initiated conversations and nurtured synergies aimed at spreading both deep knowledge and strong implementation of the smartest ingredients in the textile and leather industries.

“We believe in collaboration in order to create real change and information amplification. For us, one plus one always equals three. This is the reason why we believe so much in this project and we decided to support it at best. We want to bring all these ground-breaking technologies to as many people as possible on an international level as sustainability NEEDS knowledge to grow ” Says Giusy Bettoni.

“LINEAPELLE’s consolidated green mission finds its most research-oriented expression in the international A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS project, which focuses on the future of the supply chain where Italian responsible leather has a key role to play, and the development of a language that goes beyond what has become the custom of trivializing sustainability. With A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS, we are going beyond and building a new horizon, which is concrete, innovative and responsible”. Declares Fulvia Bacchi, CEO of Lineapelle.

Stay tuned for the next July New York stop of A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS on its conquer of the fashion world, for a truthfully conscious and technologically advanced industry.

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