C.L.A.S.S. Special Interview to STEFANO ALBINI – President of ALBINI

C.L.A.S.S Interviewed Stefano Albini – Albini President

Can you share with us – in synthesis – the ALBINI sustainable strategy as a company?

Since 1876 our commitment has been to offer customers superior quality fabrics, while protecting the environment and safety, contributing to the welfare of employees and the communities in which it operates. Fully aware that “textiles and clothing” is a particularly exposed sector in terms of environmental impact, we adopted more than 10 years ago a policy that is focused on accomplishing sustainability and continuous improvement. Traceability of the entire production chain, transparency of production processes and social accountability are mandatory requirements of the Albini Group modus operandi. Sustainability undoubtedly represents an opportunity and at the same time a direction of development necessary to meet the needs of an increasingly attentive consumer and a stringent regulatory framework. In order for sustainability to represent a real competitive and distinctive factor, we have undertaken a long path which substantially impacted the company business model, as well as the production processes and the products themselves. To obtain good results, the predisposition for investment, innovation and change must be at the basis.

What about your BIOFUSION sustainable products portfolio and key profile: from a performance and responsibility perspective?

BIOFUSION® is an organic cotton scientifically traceable thanks to an innovative method based on forensic science. We directly manage and control the cultivation of this cotton, with the aim of ensuring full compliance with the law, high quality standards and traceability of the entire production chain. The first project for the exclusive cultivation of BIOFUSION® organic cotton was launched thanks to the experience we have in the selection of the best raw materials, the direct cultivation of cotton and thanks to a close collaboration with six American farmers located in Texas, New Mexico and California. The result was a blend of two American organic cottons, specifically Supima®, the finest American Extra-Long Staple cotton, and Upland, a superior quality long-staple cotton. The enormous interest shown by the market and the relative commercial success, allowed us to extend the range of BIOFUSION®, introducing cotton varieties coming from different countries of origin.

Albini Group fabrics made with BIOFUSION® cotton has the Organic Content Standard (OCS) certification and, for certain processes, they also have the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

BIOFUSION® cotton is scientifically traceable by Oritain™, third party certifier and world leader in forensic science. This ensure the verification of the origin of the cotton at all the production stages.

For what concerns the performance, it is important to underline that our BIOFUSION® fabrics have been created thinking about the world of clothing at 360 ° and for the creation of a total look: from shirt fabrics to clothing weights for the creation of suits, jackets and trousers. Furthermore, thanks to the know-how of ICA Yarns, a Group company specialized in the production and sale of high-end yarns, we sell BIOFUSION® yarns dedicated to the world of fashion, hosiery, sports and furniture.

Why Albini and Biofusion? Which are the key differential point to drive market choice toward you?

Having the complete control of the production chain allows us to obtain a significant competitive advantage. The market is in fact now characterized by an ever-increasing demand for information on the traceability and sustainability of products and production processes. The results we have obtained come from a long journey, a cutting-edge intuition and a careful planning. If we then add the attention in the selection of the best raw materials in the world and the partnership with reliable and innovative companies, there you have it. This is the key differential point to drive the market choice toward us.

BIOFUSION® represents the concrete example of our attitude: a very high quality cotton, made in full compliance with the legislation on the cultivation of organic cotton, directly controlled by the Albini Group and scientifically traceable thanks to the innovative method developed by Oritain.

To know more: https://www.albinigroup.com/en/biofusion/

Why are you teaming up with C.L.A.S.S.?

We found in C.L.A.S.S. a partner that share our same goals and values, an ally in our mission to make the fashion industry smarter and a companion in this ambitious and pioneering journey aimed at changing the textile world. Teaming up with C.L.A.S.S. is an opportunity to speak louder, to create a network, to spread and share our vision and testify the effort we are putting in the work of researching, developing and producing more sustainable products and processes.

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