On Thursday 29th October C.L.A.S.S. eco-hub has presented its new Smart Voice, this time focused on the hosiery market that has choosen responsible innovation as a competitive edge in line with design and innovation.

The session has been moderated by C.L.A.S.S. Founder & Owner Giusy Bettoni and hosted the contribution of four special guests who gave an overall outline of this topic:

Anne Marie Commandeur, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam Owner and Director, who has share with us the latest trend in this area;

Alessandra Mengoli, Research Manager at SITA Ricerca, who has taken us into a hosiery market analysis perspective at international level, also introducing some insights concerning the growing interest towards sustainability and the online;

Andreas Röhrich, WOLFORD Global Director R&D and Sustainability, who has shared the meaning of responsible innovation focused on circular economy approach for luxury hosiery, started several years ago;

Michelle Cain, Brand & Marketing Manager of SARAH BORGHI, who has introduced the launch of eco-high-tech complete hosiery collection of last September.