Award-winning TINTEX Textiles shows water saving solutions at Performance Days

100 % merino wool

Two of TINTEX’s fabrics have made it into the PERFORMANCE FORUM Jury’s Pick Category that represents fabrics which are a valuable contribution to this season Performance Days Focus Topic “WATER – OUR RESPONSIBILITY” TINTEX, leader in textile and research innovation for over twenty years, transforms a new generation of cotton and other natural based materials. […]

BeHOT ™ with ROICA ™ for Modern Action Living

SITIP are pleased to introduce BEHOT™, a SITIP Heat Generating Technology for fabrics that has been licensed from the unique ROICA™ Stretch Energy® System by Asahi Kasei. BeHOT™ represents a special combination of a highly refined type of knitted construction combined with this unique ROICA™ Premium Stretch yarn function, and has been especially developed for […]