Mundotêxtil & ECOTEC®: the Smart Cotton Towel saving up to 77.9% water!

Portuguese home textiles manufacturer, Mundotêxtil together with the Italian spinner Marchi & Fildi’s smart cotton yarn, ECOTEC®, are proud to launch a market-first, world unique and responsibly made cotton towel innovation that really saves on water use, energy and CO2 emissions at the Heimtextil international trade fair for home and contract textiles.

Established in 1975, MundoTêxtil is the leader towel manufacturer in Europe,the company is world renowned for design, innovation, quality and a focused customer development program meeting its stakeholder needs through a dedicated sustainability and socially responsible product supply chain.

Mundotêxtil uses only the finest materials to ensure the best quality towels guaranteeing colour consistency, absorption and durability. The new strategic choice to develop a more responsible towel with ECOTEC® Smart Cotton by Marchi & Fildi at the upcoming Heimtextil is part of their commitment to enhancing their eco footprint and sustainability quotient for products and processes throughout its supply chain.

This innovative range of Mundotêxtil towels offers an unquestionable quality and performance, that is part of the company DNA to always strive to make ever better products for the market and its customers too, and includes products:

  • made 65% of ECOTEC® Polaris yarn in 100% cotton blended with organic cotton
  • made with ECOTEC™ Ginevra yarn containing Modal® for an extra soft touch
  • made with ECOTEC™ Chagall yarn containing cashmere for precious touch
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