Première Vision – September 17-19, Paris. Hall 3 Booth S20.

ROICA™, premium stretch fiber for the modern wardrobe by leading material innovator Asahi Kasei and world’s leading wool manufacturer Reda have teamed up to elevate premium merino wool to a highest level of sustainability. At Première Vision, the companies present Reda Flexo, the new Reda Group smart stretch fabrics line interwoven with the cutting-edge ROICA™ V550, the new generation of stretch fiber.

As part of the ROICA Eco-Smart™ family, ROICA™ V550 is the world first range of responsible premium yarn: a non-toxic, veritable revolution in terms of sustainable elastic fibers, matching the need for elasticity and comfort with the request for sustainability and respect for the environment.

Reda Flexo recycled carded stretch flannel with ROICA™ V550.

Reda Flexo represents an innovative and technologically advanced alternative, allowing to widen business horizons, addressing Made to Measure, performing suits for both women and men as well as contemporary solutions which are ideal for a younger target.Reda Flexo is a Smart Stretch fabric able to cover different fashion market segments thanks to its technologically sustainable and high-performing nature.”


Nature and technology encounter in name of high performing stretch qualities, maximum comfort and sustainability. The new dimension of merino wool is ready for high-end and responsible fashion.