Re.VerSo, the sustainable vision of circular economy

Première Vision Paris – September 17, 18, and 19, 2019, Hall 5 Booth 5L58/5M57.

Re.VerSo, the pioneering brand representative of a zero-waste circular production system, for wool and cashmere with a high research and quality value, will be on hand at Première Vision to present refined and innovative materials that inspire creativity and infuse technology. Worth to highlight, the fact that, at the beginning of 2019, Re.VerSo has been selected as one of the protagonists of the Sustainable Thinking project of the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, thanks to the value it bears in the field of responsible innovation.

Representing excellence as the result of a culture of Made in Italy traditions, combined with a new vision of Smart Innovation, Re.VerSo, the advanced supply chain, integrated, transparent and traceable, 100% Made in Italy, covers the woven textiles market through the unique offer of A. Stelloni Collection by Mapel.

For next season, A.Stelloni Collection by Mapel offers even more Re.VerSo solutions with strong focus on noble fibres such as Re.VerSo Baby Camel and Re.VerSo Cashmere for coats and jackets. New finishes, draps, streaks, velours and, mostly, Re.VerSo Baby Camel developments,  as the company is becoming  leader for the sustainable Camel market.

Re.VerSo wool and baby camel developments by A.Stelloni Collection by Mapel.

Through all the entire collection, including Re.VerSo, shine:  Alpaca, Wool, Mohair, both pure and in blends, in weights that are addressed to a wide range of items, from very light jackets to heavy coats in double, diagonal, three-dimensional structures.

The finishing always remain a fundamental added value of the collection; from laminates to sables to the most extreme Casentino finishes, a modern and innovative feature that defines the A.Stelloni Collection by Mapel line.

Characterized by great creativity, a consolidated know-how and a very detail-oriented culture in the textile industry, A. Stelloni Collection by Mapel represents a competitive industrial reality, increasingly engaged in research and development, which Mapel SpA has become a leader in.

Originally from Prato, in the mid-60s the company started moving its first steps in the industry of fur fabrics with Vi-Ma carding, manufacturing semi finished materials as a sub-contractor and commercializing synthetic fibers. Later on it has become a truly internationally renowned group with a fully vertical productive cycle that has diversified into footwear, clothing, furniture and technical fabrics. Thanks to a capillary commercial network across all continents, the Mapel SpA group is characterized by a flexible structure able to adapt to the market’s requests and by a natural predisposition for research, which is the real strength to be able to fetch and be ready for changes, just like A. Stelloni Collection shows us.

Re.verSo, thanks to its Italian qualified partners, such as Green Line, Nuova Fratelli Boretti for the raw material, A. Stelloni Collection By Mapel for textile fashion, Filpucci for the hi-end threads of knitwear and Filatura C4for design contract textile and for woven fabrics in general, Re.VerSo is able to offer on the market solutions with high aesthetics and quality, collecting, selecting, transforming pre-consumer wool and cashmere and offering, smart yarns and fabrics, design and zero waste , addressed to the fashion and contract sector.

From the Smart Oriented approach, quality and refinement, where the materials are all certified Global Recycled Standard of Textile Exchange, Re.VerSo is representative of a system of pure circular economy, with the addition of a new generation of values and quality; is a promoter of environmental savings (-92% of water, -82% of energy consumption and -97% of carbon dioxide emissions as witnessed by ICEA LCA study compared to virgin wool), an artisanal approach that distinguishes the Industrial Supply Chain that characterizes it, of meticulous care and maximum customization offered at 360°, with a logic of optimization.

Leftovers can be sourced directly by Re.VerSo supply chain, otherwise the Re.VerSo advanced technology process welcomes retailers and brands to supply their pre-consumer wool and cashmere woven and knitted off cuts, transforming them into high quality yarns and fabrics integrated for a circular economy.

A true example of value that outlines Re.VerSo as an exclusive partner to whom to give your pre-consumer wool and cashmere knitwear and fabric cuttings, in the perspective of a true circular economy that looks to the present, but also to the future, full of opportunities, respecting a development based on solidarity.

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