Bemberg™ Opens its New Showroom and presents latest Material Innovations at Premiere Vision New York, 16th to 17th of July 2019.

For more than 80 years the story of Bemberghas shaped a new future for smart innovation through heritage, research, knowledge and expertise to deliver the new face of Bemberg™: a true original material for modern living.

Made by Asahi Kasei, the company is the sole maker of this one-of-a-kind, matchless, high-tech natural material, with a unique and precious touch and feel.

Here in New York the company opens its new Bemberg™ Lining Showroom in the heart of the Garment District. This is the first showroom totally dedicated to unique, high quality Bemberg lining fabrics. The initial focus will be on a homeland supply of Japanese-made lining manufacturers, introducing them to the market in a new and dynamic way.

The showroom hosted by CHH America, whose remit will be to communicate the advantage and values in choosing Bemberg™ for the best linings option, and how its unique, responsible profile can add quality and brand value appeal to tailoring based apparel brands, designers and upcoming fashion students. The unique offer from this showroom is a dedicated new stock service, managed by CHH, where they will deliver even small meterage on demand.

In addition to this service, Bemberg™ is pleased to present a full range of new fabric innovations at Premiere Vision New York. These include manufacturers from around the world including SMI, Sidonios, Ekoten, Ipeker and Silver from the US, as well as the luxury linings already installed at the showroom. And through these fabric suppliers we have seen new premium brand fashion range adoptions and collaborations being developed among which we are pleased to highlight:

bemberg, bemberg lining

My.Suit 100% Wool Grey Tuxedo for Wedding with Red Paisley Bemberg™ lining

My.Suit: Since My.Suit was founded in 2008 in NYC, their philosophy has been simple: provide their clients with a better way to buy a suit.  Their made-to-measure suits and tuxedos offer a better fit than traditional off-the-rack alternatives by accommodating as many different body types as possible, and can be made in a variety of fabric and style options to suit individual needs.  My.Suit utilizes a vertical business model: fabric mill, suit manufacturing, and retail locations, to provide a quick delivery time at an attractive price point. My.Suit has been using Bemberg™ lining to add style and comfort to their suit jackets for over a decade.  With a wide range of colors and designs, Bemberg lining complements their extensive fabric selection and helps us to create visually stunning suits that feel great and provides a personalized option to their clients.

bemberg, bemberg lining
Martin Greenfield showing a suit with Bemberg™ lining

Within the premium brand adoptions of Bemberg™ shines Martin Greenfield, one of the world’s most renowned tailor company. The company, founded in 1977 by Martin Greenfield, realizes hand tailored men’s clothing to meet the requirements of innovative designers, specialty retailers, costume designers, stylists and individuals. For finest made-to-order as well as made-to-measure suits,100% built by hand in their Brooklyn Factory, they choose Bemberg™ Yarn Dyed Lining produced in Italy and Japan for its soft versatility, unique precious touch and exquisite comfort.

Initially structured as a traditional manufacturer; currently, Martin Greenfield Clothiers is focused on a hybrid approach, a journey that redefines a new future of contemporary luxury aligned with the values that this unique fiber represents.

bemberg, bemberg lining

Fite Fashion’s gown with Bemberg™ lining

Bemberg™ is committed to foster young smart creativity as clearly demonstrated by the choice to shed the light on an emerging brand whose launch party will take place in Philadelphia on July 29th.  “I created Fite Fashion because I started to learn more and more about how destructive the fashion industry can be to our air, water and workers and I felt that there weren’t many options for people who wanted formal or bridal wear that was stylish, sustainable and ethically produced. I am working to create garments that meet these standards so I’m choosing only natural and cutting edge low impact materials. When I spoke with the Bemberg representative at Premier Vision in January 2019, I was impressed with their closed loop system and I knew that their Bemberg™ lining was the right choice for my collection. I am currently using 3 colors of their Taffeta lining and I’ve already received compliments on how nice it feels against the skin and how great it is to have lining options that aren’t petroleum based. I hope that our companies can continue to work together to constantly improve the fashion industry in beautiful ways” said Michelle Fite.

Bemberg™is made from a cotton linter bio-utility material, a natural derived source, and a truly unique one in the smart fiber arena that doesn’t deplete forestry resources.

And apart from the exquisite and precious touch of Bemberg™ fabrics today, you can also see the unique circularity of Bemberg™ from its source, manufacture and end-of-life credentials, supported by the LCA study, signed by ICEA and validated by Paolo Masoni, confirming a new quality profile and standard with a more responsible and unique position today. Full GRS certification, Oeko-Tex 100, ISO 14001, & Eco-Mark. Bemberg™ also has a new Compostability Certification. The Innovhub-SSI report confirms Bemberg™ filaments disintegrate at 100% value within the limits specified by the UNI EN 13432, point A.3.1 for disintegration in composting. Also, a new Ecotoxicity metric to EN 13432:2000 Annex E, the compost obtained from the Bemberg™ filaments according to ISO 16929:2013 revealed no ecotoxicity effect.  The Bemberg™ filaments tested for heavy metals and other toxic hazardous substances and was found to comply with tests specified by the UNI EN 13432, for the substances listed in table A.1.

A project by Venezia da Vivere and a capsule collection made in Bemberg™ fabrics, designed by Tiziano Guardini with the illustrator Jacopo Ascari. May 2023 – Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei, the unique fiber ob…