Re.Verso™ presents a collection of innovative eco-centric fabrics.

Re.Verso™ presents at Première Vision Paris (16-18 September 2014) a first-of-its-kind system of a fully integrated supply chain for fashion with a collection of innovative eco-centric fabrics that are 100% Made in Italy.

The presentation at Première vision in Paris is the result of two years dedication in the development of the concept and processes by three protagonists: Gucci, C.L.A.S.S. and Re.Verso™ itself. Together they have worked diligently to leverage the advantage that a new and unique supply chain could achieve in delivering more innovative yet responsible fashion materials.

It takes expertise, time and commitment to achieve an integrated result like this, and it’s a true testament to traditional skills, updated with new technology and a focus on eco-metrics, but above all a sharp eye for style and fashionable cool that makes market relevant innovation become available to the consumer when they want it most.

So what does Re.Verso™ offer today?

Re.Verso™ is a new textile platform made of a group of three top Italian mills, Nuova Fratelli Boretti, Green Line and Lanificio Stelloni, who together produce a fully integrated, 100% ‘Made in Italy’ textile collection with a dynamic brand new approach to production that makes Re.Verso™ products unique in its look and feel , fully traceable throughout its whole supply chain and 100% made in Italy.

The Re.Verso™ program begins with collecting pre-consumer textile selected waste, mainly wool but not limited to, and converting it into fiber through a mechanical process, and then spin into yarns from which knitted, woven and knitwear fashion fabrics can be made, and then into finished garments in a fully traceable, transparent line of production that has garnered recognition as a best-practice model for eco-responsible manufacture.

See you at Manifattura Stelloni booth H6K4!

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