C.L.A.S.S. welcomes Ghezzi Spa

C.L.A.S.S. Eco Hub Global Platform interview:


  • Who is Ghezzi Spa?

Established in 1949 in Lombardy, Ghezzi Spa is a company that offers advanced twisting, covering and twist-texturizing processes for yarns and threads thanks to its precious corporate heritage and continuous investment in innovative technologies.

Today it is positioned on the international textile market as a “boutique of excellence” where weavers can find a competent partner able to offer a wide range of “tailor-made” yarns, both in terms of counts and effects, for outerwear, furnishings, curtains and technical applications. On the sustainability level, it regularly processes a wide range of items developed from recycled, organic or responsibly managed forests raw materials, including Enka®, Bemberg®, ROICA Eco-Smart™ and TANBOOCEL®- Bamboo Fiber.


  • And what are you doing?

We work in collaboration with our main customers to raise awareness in the world of fashion and technical applications on the need to establish a more sustainable and environmentally-aware resource management chain.


  • Can you share with us, briefly, Ghezzi Spa’s sustainable strategy as a company?

The DNA of Ghezzi Spa has always been about a company who proposes and is proactive to meet market needs. For years now we have been researching sustainable raw materials, both artificial and synthetic, to reach 100% OEKOTEX / FSC / RCS / GRS certified textile raw materials to be used in our factories. We are also implementing the sustainability of our plants also from the point of view of energy efficiency and the correct management of any waste or processing residues.


  • Which are your main areas of expertise?

We work mainly on processed continuous yarns where there is a need to improve their technical or hand / appearance performance.


  • Why looking for Ghezzi Spa?

Because we have a good technical competence, a large fleet of suppliers and an equally large fleet of machines of various production capacities, with no compromise on quality or responsibility, and no fear to go beyond  the “standards”… So we can anticipate and/or respond with high flexibility to market demands.


  • What about your sustainable products portfolio: from fibers selection to processing?

Twisting is a purely mechanical process, therefore the bulk of the research work is the choice of raw materials certified as truly sustainable, coming from reliable suppliers and subjected to audits that also involve ethical and environmental aspects, to which we ourselves are periodically subjected. When smart material research meets know-how, we are creating responsible innovation in a very special phase like the twisting. Yet another valuable contribution from our side.


  • Why did you decide to become partner of C.L.A.S.S.?

Since our company is positioned far upstream of the textile supply chain (both fashion and technical applications), we need to convey our experience and our products through a wider network, more moved downstream and with a great experience in the field of sustainability, as is C.L.A.S.S.

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