THE 1.618 BIENNALE is the first international event platform gathering, since 2009, brands, entrepreneurs, creatives, prospectives, NGOs, artists… who are engaging for a better world.

The event is a must see in Paris for the opening of the EUROPEAN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WEEK.

Indeed, part exhibition, part trade fair, a place of meetings, inspirations, experiences, awareness and debates, the Biennale will feature high quality brands and products (validated by our experts), works of artsolutionsinnovations and actors of change.


11.30am – 13pm « Responsible finance, new transition accelerator » (in english)

2pm New Heroes : Privileged testimony of Oskar Metsavaht, founder of Osklen and instituto-E (in english)

3pm – 4.30pm « Responsible sourcing and innovative solutions for the creative industry » (in english)

Modérateur : Jessica Michault – SVP des Relations Industrie pour GPS Radar, Correspondante ODDA Magazine et Now Fashion

Intervenants : Deborah Berger, Directrice développement, Organica
Nina Braga, Directrice, Instituto-E
Camille Rojot, Co-Fondatrice, Origem
Giusy Bettoni, CEO, C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity, Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy) 
Clément Lafont, Business Developer, Authentic Material
Elodie Sebag, General Manager, Cha Ling

5pm – 6.30pm « Luxury and Biomimicry : How can the luxury industry get inspired by nature ? » In partnership with the CEEBIOS


11am – 12.30pm « The lab-grown diamond, the future of ethical jewelry? »

2.30pm New Heroes : Privileged testimony of Timothée Boitouzet, founder of Woodoo

3.00pm Projection of documentary films, Bianca and Michael Alexander, Conscious Living TV

3.30pm New Heroes : Privileged testimony of Yacine Ait Kaci, Author, Director, Media Artist and Father of Elyx!

4pm – 5.30pm « Emotion, the new luxury of the 21st century »

5.30pm – 7pm « The future of mobility: Design fiction 2040 »


11am – 12.30pm « Anticipate the new requirements of the Alphas: brands facing future generations »

2pm – 3.30pm « VR & AI, smart technologies at the service of the planet »

4pm – 5.30pm « What exactly is blockchain? »

5.30pm – 7pm « 1.618 : beauty and universal harmony »