Livia Firth chose to wear Italian hand-made shoes during this important event.

Livia Firth chose to wear shoes by designer Riccardo Rizieri Broglia this week, during the Golden Globes which announced her husband, Colin Firth, as Best Actor Oscar winner.

Rizieri is an established Italian d

esigner who has been pioneering the use of natural and sustainable materials in his designs.

The ‘MATY’ shoe has been manufactured using a sustainable leather which is created with vegetable dyes and without the use of any chemical processes. Conceria Tre effe the leather producer and Rizieri the designer are both members of the sustainable global organization C.L.A.S.S – a company that works to support and promote manufacturers and designers equally in the production, research and creative use of sustainable textiles.

Livia Firth (Creative Director of Eco Age, has for the last couple of years been championing the use of ethical and ecological fashion in her Green Carpet Challenge on Vogue.

Livia says “I first came across Rizieri when met the CEO of C.L.A.S.S in London; a unique organisation specialising in working with the textile industry to create and innovate in the sustainable and responsible textile sector. They also have a large eco library of fabrics in London, Milan and New York which designers can use all year round to source from, as well as buyers for finished collections.”