In July 2012 C.L.A.S.S. newsletter we talked about a new material project: the orange fiber.

We are happy to inform that the project is going forward, and today the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana wrote a post in its blog about this.

Adriana Santanocito

At C.L.A.S.S., on July 2012, we met only Adriana Santanocito (the project is born thanks to three students). She is a young designer who has made ??possible the creation of a new textile fiber made ??from cellulose extracted from citrus fruits. The idea was born, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano (through a research and development process in their chemistry lab materials, which lasted almost one year), for her dissertation and now continues in a fashion collection for Fall/Winter 2012/13 (where there are other sustainable materials such as Alcantara and Newlife). The orange, as the matrix for the project, was chosen for its positive social, environmental and territorial impact: in fact there’s an enormous wastage of this fruit in southern Italy. This project is the beginning of the development of a new textile fiber derived from renewable resources: a new material that combines innovation and responsibility.

Our dream is to build a supply chain entirely made ??in Italy, that will transform citrus waste in an innovative and vitamin fabric and will give new life to Italian textile industry.

(Enrica Arena, Adriana Santanocito e Manfredi Grimaldi –