llogique is a set of fragments where we can re-discover the beauty of handmade product, thought and worked starting from the history of fabric and coming through intrigue, color combinations, special manufacturing details to our conception of clothing.
Illogique is Made in Italy addressed to young men and women who are looking for an elaborate product at the same time easy to wear. From the style of the garment treatments, through a careful selection of materials, everything is researched and evaluated with the best care and professionalism. The research is based primarily on the world of dyed clothing, boasting a privileged relationship with leading companies in the industry. Furthermore, since the brand is owned by a textile manufacturer (Lanificio Stelloni), the raw materials are developed internally, thus combining a product ad-hoc for each model produced. From the union of this synergy comes the line of chiefs “Eco friendly” where style and taste of the made in Italy are shaped by the use of raw materials and accessories products in full compliance with eco-friendly philosophy.

Material: Recycled wool (Cardato Regenerated CO2 Neutral)

Available @ Morini Srl, Montecatini Terme; Macondo Onyx Srl, Verona; Tasmania,Ferrara; Baldin, Pistoia; Babylon Bus Srl, Prato; Nove,Vercelli; Suit Lecce, Lecce; Bresci Corner, Prato; Mimax Srl, Milano; O’ Srl, Parma; Oreni, Caravaggio; Andrea Stagi, Viareggio; Thanks, Biella; BMOOD, Brescia; Norrgatan Boys, Monza.