“High quality standards and an impressive creative ability to play masterly with colors and drawings are the distinctive traits that have always characterized Gruppocinque – says Lorella Paulotto, group’s leader- Besides the product’s strong emotional and creative connotation, there is the guarantee of high quality standards, both in the choice of raw materials and throughout the whole production process. The latter, in fact, is 100% made in Italy and 100% traceable thanks to a supply chain made of partners of excellence, carefully chosen by Gruppocinque around the territory.”
Twenty years of culture and experience in the textile sector and a whole lot of passion constantly employed in the quest for the best raw materials and for new creative contents.

PRODUCT INNOVATIONS: “This path made us explore and experiment new-generation and high-tech materials with a low environmental impact, so that we could create fabrics with unusual looks, feels and qualitative features – continues Lorella Paulotto- An example is the introduction of fabrics made out of Newlife™, a yarn produced from a unique system of conversion that transforms collected plastic bottles into a polymer that gives birth to impressively beautiful and highly qualitative fabrics. This system, which allows incredible environmental savings, is also 100% made in Italy.”

The company will present at the next fairs two collections that are a fusion of heritage, design and technology: Gruppocinque and Swing.
Gruppocinque From the next cold season collection, a new mode of expression sees the light: Gruppocinque’s 5 senses.
Nogender puts forward the evolution of the historical product with a new, androgynous tactile perception.
Luxury is a tridimensional, futuristic theme inspired by planets and constellations.
Fluidi & Cotton Evolution represents the corporate knowhow translated into natural fibers. The historical items’ structures are overturned, for what concerns both the density and the weaves on twisted and blended cotton bottoms with viscose and CUPRO.
Into the Winter is how Gruppocinque interprets the evolution of wools and wool blends.
Swing offers more ideas for the complex world of the outwear, ranging over different types of natural and synthetic fabrics that are adaptable to various kinds of application.