Bioneuma is an idea which has evolved from the fusion of two shared passions: a belief in the organic movement as both an eco-friendly lifestyle choice and a philosophy for living, coupled with a love of manufacturing clothing which has been enriched by years of experience in the fashion industry.

Bioneuma SS 14 Collection is completely made by organic cotton. The organic cotton fibre used comes from plants raised with a low environmental impact, without using any kind of pesticide, without overworking and impoverishing the soil and without using genetically modified seeds, but strictly following the principle of organic farming. Producers of organic textiles pay attention to the whole weaving factory so that the final product will be completely natural and toxic free. Organic cotton offers many advantages compared to normal cotton: it is hypoallergenic, it offers a better skin perpiration and a pleasant soft sensation on your skin. We want to underline that the organic cotton certification is assigned only to factories and producers that totally respect the standards established by national and international law through organizations meant to have a controlling role. Organic cotton respects man and environment.

Materials: organic cotton and linen.

Available @ Raccolta Differenziata – via Malpasa, 16 – 38122 Trento Miotto Laura – Corso delle Terme, 155 – 35036 Montegrotto Terme/Pd Spazio Tindaci – via Dante, 17/19 – 35139 Padova Querini Lei – Piazza Matteotti, 14 – 33100 Udine La Vetrina di Martin – via San Fabiano, 4 – 28921 Verbania Intra – Vb Bridge – Piazzetta Santa Marta, 12 – 12037 Saluzzo Cn Boutique Molinella – via Voltone Molinella, 1/C – 48018 Faenza Choses – Corso Porta Romana, 40 – 20122 Milano Donati – Piazza Risorgimento, 12/13 – 52100 Arezzo Elsa Boutique – via Fratini, 29 – 05100 Terni Charlie Group – via Città Nuova , 41 – 39049 Vipiteno Bz Ra re – via Cattedrale, 8 – 6900 Lugano CH

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