Did you miss our SMART VOICES?

The virtual programme of talks sharing ideas, knowledge, stories and innovations able to ‘shake up’ the fashion system with a responsible attitude
From the 20th to the 29th of April, on the occasion of EarthDay and Fashion Revolution WeekC.L.A.S.S., the eco-platform striving to bring forward new sustainable values in the fashion and textile business, was live with SMART VOICES, a virtual programme of talks bringing together innovators, game changers, thinkers, artists, institutional bodies, companies and athletes. SMART VOICES talks to designers, students and professionals but also to all people supporting sustainable and ethical values.

Did you miss them? DO not worry, you can view them here or on Youtube!

Tuesday 21/04/2020
h. 5.00 pm, Central European Time- Giusy Bettoni, C.L.A.S.S. CEO and founder and journalist Diana de Marsanich with Simona Roveda, Editorial Director and Director of Institutional Communication LifeGate, and Marina Spadafora, Italian Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution and currently collaborating with Luxury Fashion Brands to implement responsible strategies in their companies, shared their experience of a call-to-action project which has brought together textile companies to manufacture PPE garments for the medical staff working in a hospital in city of Monza north of Milan.


Tuesday 21/04/2020

h. 6.00 pm – Dio Kurazawa, founding partner of The Bear Scout global platform and production expert on the frontline of the war against Climate Change, dialogued with Giusy Bettoni starting from an alarming question: Can we allow the COVID-19 emergency to de-prioritize the Climate Change emergency?


EARTHDAY –  Wednesday 22/04/2020
h. 4.00 pm – C.L.A.S.S. Material Manager Luca Olivini unveiled FUTURE DEVICES, a brand-new family of digital tools that can empower the communication of sustainable messages. Some example? Immaterial Reality – developed by global digital agency Sense Immaterial Reality – allows to create responsive digital fabrics with the highest accuracy in weight drapery. C.L.A.S.S. is also working with WeArt, a company exploring virtual tactility.


EARTHDAY –  Wednesday 22/04/2020
h. 5.00 pm – Luca Olivini presented some of the smartest yarns, fabrics and fashion ingredients on the market on the Instagram profile of the sustainable platform VIC – Very Important Choice: @veryimportantchoice


Thursday 23/04/2020, 
h. 5.00 pm
 – Luca Olivini interviewed the athlete Pietro Sarai of the Scott Racing Team who has teamed up with important textile companies and yarns manufacturers to develop the first sustainable hyper-performing bikers’ uniforms.


Friday 24

h. 4.30 pm – Giusy Bettoni talked with Stefania Ricci, director of the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence about blending art, fashion and technology to build up sustainable culture.


Friday 24/04/2020

h. 6.00. pm – Giusy Bettoni dialogues with artist and designer Valentino Vettori about digital sustainability. Vettori has inaugurated the pop-up augmented Arcadia Earth Museum in New York (@arcadiaearth).


Wednesday 29/04/2020

h. 5.00. pm – Giusy Bettoni dialogued with Evie Evangelou, founder and president of Fashion 4 Development, and with Jeanine Ballone, head of F4D Solutions. Fashion 4 Development is the United Nations-related entity offering a full supply chain of solutions to those who want to create positive and meaningful change. On the occasion F4D and C.L.A.S.. shared a new initiative linked to production systems which will be fully unveiled in NYC on September 23.



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