In Florence, Bemberg™ presents an 8-pieces tailoring collection commissioned to and developed with students of the renowned Scuola Triennale di Alta Sartoria Maschile dell’Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori in Rome as well as with prominent lining manufacturers as Brunello S.p.A., Gianni Crespi Foderami S.p.A., Tessitura Marco Pastorelli S.p.A. and Manifattura Pezzetti Srl.

January 2020 -. “We couldn’t have started the new year in a better and most promising way!” Says TAKESHI IITAKA, president of Asahi Kasei fibers Italia. The Japanese brand of regenerated cellulose fibers has tasked students at the Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori excellences. The designers of tomorrow created 8 contemporary clothing teaming up with prominent lining manufacturers that offered premium jacquard, striped and dotted materials in vivid colors that follow the seasonal trends. Yarn dyed options made unique by impactful contemporary designs that create interesting contrasts with the tailoring proposals.

Recognized as a leader in high quality linings, the academy – the oldest in Italy – has included Bemberg™ as part of the shared stories of a tailoring heritage, from materials, craftsman tailors, accessories and brands that exemplify the world of sartorial art and excellence.

Bemberg™ products are made from a cotton linter bio-utility material, a natural derived source, and a truly unique one in the smart fiber arena that doesn’t deplete forest resources.

The company by leading materials manufacturer Asahi Kasei is the sole maker of one-of-a-kind, matchless, high-tech fibers with a unique touch and feel as well as unique performances such as moisture control and is antistatic.

The participation at Pitti is the first of a global tour pointing to some of the most cutting edge design innovations on planet Fashion. The next appointments include ISPO in Munich and Première Vision New York. At each appointment the company will showcase a different aspect of its multitasking and sustainable imprint .