Paris, 17th-19th September 2019

Important evolutions are already in place according to some key directions that are already clearly visible today. What does a new fashion business need to be?

IT NEEDS TO BE SMART – It will have to be smart, sustainable and as low impactful as possible. The fashion industry has started taking new steps in order to inform and educate the consumer on the one side, while at the same time, is changing its material use, R&D and productive processes.

TO BE COLLABORATIVE – It will have to be always more collaborative. Each single player, from the accessory manufacturer to the final consumer, has to act very consciously because every action has an impact on our local and global environment. Everyone has to start acting and buying more responsibly.

AND COLLECTIVE – The future will be guided by common aims, shared responsibilities and collective involvement. Designers will have to collaborate with fabric and garment manufacturers. Entrepreneurs will have to check carefully productive quantities and decrease distances when choosing their suppliers. Manufacturers can start deciding when it’s time to get involved with specific auditing or certifications, though, always in constant dialogue with all partners in the value chain.

And a key strategist in this endeavour is C.L.A.S.S. It is a specialised platform which began in 2007, and whose mission is to help the textiles and fashion industry to become smarter, more sustainable and responsible, while offering top , premium  and beautiful component and finished design solutions.  C.L.A.S.S. specialises in communicating why a more responsible approach is vital to the industry change needed, and moreover C.L.A.S.S. facilitates tangible solutions for fabrics, processes and fashions as the Co. Lab coordinator bringing all arms of the project together.

For this, C.L.A.S.S. has helped devise how a new, ideal but real wardrobe of the future can evolve. For this a pool of top-notch players in premium apparel manufacturing is the collective force behind the project. It is a new concept of a horizontal way to work together, where we combine a complete integration of skills and competences with a common base and purpose, delivering a new, smart and stylish wardrobe concept that will create a more dynamic and focussed opportunity in the market looking for better choices every day. 

CO.LAB  key players :

  • TINTEX: founded in the Porto region in 1998, TINTEX has become a leading contemporary fabrics innovation maker of Naturally Advanced, smart and responsibly crafted jersey fabrics designed to activate the contemporary fashion, sports and lingerie markets. TINTEX amplifies and grows an eco-sustainable strategy for all its production, investments and fabric innovations, thanks to a first-class expertise in people combined with specialist dyeing and finishing techniques, coatings and applications that use the latest research, equipment and processes to deliver
  • Becri Group, crafting garments since 1983, the competence of Becri’s human resources and constant investments in the most advanced technologies, consolidate the company’s position in the garment manufacturing market since the inception. The strong commitment to responsibility both at corporate and product level as demonstrated by several certifications including the STeP by OEKO-TEX®.  
  • Confetil S.A., founded in 1972, is specialized in ready made garments, developing textiles of excellence for luxury, sports and fashion markets, using solid process anchored in experience, innovation and a flexible production system. Always focused on sustained growth and fulfilling the needs of the market has implemented company and product certifications, namely STeP by OEKO-TEX®, OCS and RCS.
  • Pedrosa & Rodrigues: since 1982 is a garment manufacturer, supplying top brands worldwide offering premium research and development support. Being strongly committed to social and environmental responsibility the company can boast several certifications including the STeP by OEKO-TEX® and ISO9001.

CO.LAB This new  supply chain in  coordination and  with the support of  C.L.A.S.S.  will deliver a new generation of WARDROBE following  transparent and 100% trackable production standards, and offering products characterised by high quality and great style, together with the new generation of responsible values that focusses its appeal towards the new wave of contemporary and questioning consumers. 

The first SMART WARDROBE CO.LAB offer is made of three different part of the  wardrobes, each one inspired by a different  and complementary lifestyle and representing  new generation of values dedicated to contemporary consumer:

LEGACY H2O By  Becri

This new-born classic garment has track & traceable innovation values guaranteeing less water is used in all aspects of sourcing, design and make.


This modern soft sports garment with fully transparent innovation values is made from the best eco high-tech performing materials for comfort, ease and style.

SENSING SMARTS By Pedrosa & Rodrigues

This  modern, skin-soft and sensual garment is made from naturally advanced innovation materials for beauty, well-being and comfort thanks to a minimal use of chemicals in its manufacture.

All fabrics supplied by TINTEX

A new generation Smart Wardrobe CO.LAB manufacture created mindfully of your desires for better, more beautiful choices with both value and values

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