New standards set by Smart Innovation in fashion

Prompted by the need to offer an adequate in-depth analysis of topics such as the integration of sustainability in fashion and the importance of the transition to the circular economy, the shared journey of C.L.A.S.S., the multi-platform hub, a reference resource since 2007 for smart innovation in fashion and Polimoda, the internationally recognized institute, world-renowned for its independent approach and innovative vision in terms of “fashion education”, as a result of the perfect combination of business and design.

Eight sessions during which topics related to smart innovation, the new role of the designer and the importance of a new generation of communication along with the urgency of a transversal cooperation and the development of new business models strictly linked to a circular economy approach are covered.

An inspirational path, intensive and engaging, aimed at involving Polimoda students of the Fashion Design and Design Management Masters – in their future role of protagonists of the fashion industry.

A shared project, aimed at fostering the development of punctual knowledges on responsible innovation, which is to consider effective because of that concrete approach that involves the introduction of smart materials with a view to a circular economy approach.

This is how Polimoda, the fashion institute that boasts an innate and strong policy and strategic vision on the fashion universe at 360 °, and C.L.A.S.S, a reference point since 2007, specialized in the integration of smart values ​​within products and fashion companies, in addition to education, partnering to give life to a driving force that translates into a cultural background for students.

Polimoda is world-renowned for its independent approach and for its innovative vision of fashion education, based on the combination of business and design through the different learning areas. Recognized by The Business of Fashion as the best fashion school in Italy and among the top ten in the world, Polimoda incorporates the know-how of Italian design and craftsmanship with an international vision.