Re.VerSo™, Circular by Origin, Beautiful by Design

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Re.VerSo™, proudly circular by origin

Re.VerSo™ smart innovation, capable of yielding beautiful, premium, intelligent zero waste materials. This circular economy manufacturing system for wool, cashmere and baby camel, represents an advanced, integrated, transparent and traceable supply chain made entirely in Italy. Re.VerSo™ raw materials has Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification. Furthermore, it has a confirmed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study performed by Prima Q on Re.VerSo™ wool and cashmere products – compared to the similar conventional products:

Savings for 1.000 Kg of Re.VerSo™ cashmere, as compared to virgin cashmere

-82% energy

-92% water

-97% CO2

Savings for 1.000 Kg of Re.VerSo™ wool, compared to virgin wool

-76% energy

-89% water

-96% CO2

Joining Première Vision’s Smart Square to create an excellent opportunity to learn about the full supply chain

Première Vision’s Smart Square, an 800-sq. m. visionary and multimedia space dedicated to information and discussions. An area where, exhibitors, designers, buyers and fashion brands can experience and visualize responsible values and innovations in fashion. This year’s Square has provided the opportunity to discover the full supply chain, together with Re.VerSo™ science and technology. Both applied to take steps to design waste out of the fashion system and move toward a circular economy approach.

Firstly, leftovers can be sourced directly by Re.VerSo™ supply chain. Otherwise, this advanced technology process welcomes retailers and brands to supply their pre-consumer wool and cashmere woven and knitted off cuts. As a result, they transform them into high quality yarns and fabrics integrated for a circular economy.

The booth displayed the full collection of Re.VerSo™ exclusive ambassadors’ high quality materials with extreme softness, warmth and beautiful lustre, embracing luxury.

  • Stelloni Collection by Mapel for Fashion Textiles Collection
  • Filpucci S.p.A for spinning fashion yarns for knitwear
  • Filatura C4 yarns for contract
Re.VerSo™ high quality wools, luxurious cashmere, and baby camel are the perfect solution for fashion

The Smart Square, a valuable trade fair resource, presents Re.VerSo™ responsible, stylish fashion materials used by leading global brands

Stella McCartney jumper in Re.Verso™ cashmere by Filpucci
Stella McCartney jumper in Re.Verso™ cashmere by Filpucci
  • Gucci men’s, women’s and kids’ collections included Re.VerSo™ cashmere by A. Stelloni Collection by Mapel 

    Gucci coat in Re.VerSo™ cashmere by Filpucci
    Gucci coat in Re.VerSo™ cashmere by Filpucci
  • Filippa K, with a holistic approach to business – following the lifecycle, and energy conservation selects Re.VerSo™ .

– Stelloni Collection by Mapel is used to create the Filippa K Front Runners collection. Because of this, Copenhagen Fashion Summit Design Challenge awarded their Front Runners collection for aesthetics and transparent manufacturing process

– Filpucci yarn, combining classic craftsmanship with modern knowledge

  • Stella McCartney embraces Re.VerSo™ re-engineered cashmere yarn by Filpucci to replace all virgin cashmere knitwear
  • Eileen Fisher Vision 2020 is championing Re.VerSo™ cashmere yarns by Filpucci for their use of recycled fibers among other sustainable fibers. Thus, helping to divert waste from the landfill to achieve a lower environmental impact.
  • Patagonia responsibly sources Re.VerSo™ products by Filpucci, now part of the Patagonia collections. “We are always on the hunt for the highest performing, lowest impact materials. We were thrilled to find Re.VerSo ™ (95/5 transformed) Cashmere yarn from Filpucci. It allowed us to create a range of products with the soft properties of cashmere that insulate while adhering to our mission statement. Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm.” As stated by Patagonia
Important mention

Thanks to Re.VerSo™ key sustainable values, Première Vision has selected it to be a Smart Ambassador within the project ‘Smart Creation’. Smart Creation is a way of bringing together and communicating initiatives and means towards responsible creation, innovation and production. For this reason, key developments in Re.VerSo™ has been displayed in the Smart Library, located on the Smart Square.

In conclusion, Mr. Federico Gualtieri presentation, titled, Re.VerSo™, transforming fashion systems to design waste out toward a circular economy. As Filpucci S.p.A president and proud ambassador of the Re.VerSo™ platform, he explained its unique circular economy approach. In detail, the conference took place in the Smart Square, part of the speech program organized for this edition.

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