Farrah Floyd is a smart fashion women’s clothing brand based in Berlin that unites high-level quality in both design and sustainability.

Trained as a both fashion and textile designer, and holding a master degree in Sustainability in Fashion, Farrah Floyd’s founder and fashion designer Bojana Draca has a very distinctive and recognizable style. In her work, she combines strong concepts with technical skills and sustainable design strategies.

With the collection “Life is Elsewhere”, Farrah Floyd brings elegant and playful winter look. Subtle combination of fabrics and colors, creates the silhouette for a free spirited, and self-confident woman.

Innovative Cupro by Asahi Kasei and wool fabrics, chosen between the rich ranges of Zignone and A.Stelloni by Mapel, key partner of the Re.Verso(tm) Platform.

Organic cotton by Euromaglia and wool mixed together wuth prints for the lining made in collaboration with textile artist Heiner Radau and realized byour partner Miroglio Textile.

All the pieces are made in Germany using zero waste pattern making technique, developed and devised by the designer.