C.L.A.S.S. was happy to witness and celebrate with the opening of Renewcell 1

C.L.A.S.S. was happy to witness and celebrate with the opening of Renewcell 1, the world’s first commercial-scale textile-to-textile pulp mill in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Renewcell is a fast-growing Swedish textile recycling company with a unique technology and a world-class team of people on a mission to change the global textile industry for the better. Their product is called Circulose®, and is made out of 100% textile waste.

Renewcell’s new mill will take over 120,000 metric tons of textile waste annually and turn it into new viscose fabrics — that’s the equivalent of recycling 600 million t-shirts!

The commissioning of this facility marks the dawn of a new circular era for global fashion.

This achievement was also able with the support of as Canopy, that works collectively with some of the world’s largest brands, forging solutions that save forests, preserve biodiversity, and protect people and the planet.

Speeding- and scaling-up these solutions is the challenge of this turnaround decade. These solutions help take the pressure off forests — traditionally used to make these fabrics — and use mountains of textile waste to do it.

“Now is the time for the fashion industry to seriously address the issue of textile and apparel waste.  Renewcell provides recycling solutions at scale, and is first to market with a truly circular material, Circulose®, that has the potential to transform an industry that desperately needs it.” says Tricia Carey, Renewcell’s new Chief Commercial Officer.

Solutions like the one we are celebrating today, are essential to build and support. As the global effort to combat climate change, environmental degradation, and biodiversity loss accelerates, fashion industry leaders all agree — we must close the loop.

For more information: https://canopyplanet.org/solutions/

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