Today, more than ever it is clear that communication is the key to reach not only the market but also to generate a community, a pivotal element to meet common needs, while bringing forward new responsible values, thanks to the new energy and power that can be created if and when “people and companies are walking together”.
We are talking about Smart communication, representing  a  key element to overcome the distances imposed by the global pandemic….C.L.A.S.S. has chosen to give voice to its Manifesto and to all the Voices of people and companies who are walking day by day to achieve new generation of being a person, a company, of making a product and doing business.
C.L.A.S.S. Smart communication is about telling an appealing story, representing a real and “measured“ making that respect people, nature, animals, oceans and the environment.

Today we are really pleased to introduce you C.L.A.S.S. COMMUNITY, the ones that has chosen to walk together toward common  goals with us – and we thank them so much for that!
Our community is made of :

People, companies, associations, entities with huge expertise in different fields of fashion, highly motivated to reach common smart  goals and sharing the belief of the value and the importance of cooperation and networking.
We are supporting one another boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities we all run, as it is key to change, but also to speed up this process.
Together we can do much better and achieve faster our goals. Who are our estimated valuable C.L.A.S.S. Friends at today?
We have formed alliances with leading spinners, weavers, knitters and technologies innovators to provide sustainable, circular and responsible solutions to make a real and complete new generation of wardrobe. It is not just a strong bond between sustainability experts, but a responsible and powerful union representing and spreading the new generation of values such as design, health, responsibility, innovation, traceability and transparency. Our partners are working with us every day to deliver ever more innovative, effective and successful solutions and their support is VITAL to achieve our common Mission and Vision. Our partners are the protagonists of our SMART TOOLS AREA, the platform of responsible and traceable materials, innovations, tools and technologies to inject sustainability into textiles, fashion collections and companies’ performance.

People passionate and super expert about fashion, innovation and sustainability. Individuals committed to informing, inspiring and developing a real change in the fashion industry towards sustainability and sharing not just C.L.A.S.S: view but also amplifying and spreading the word and raisign the bar in the market, and a clear voice also for value driven consumers.

These are our honoured first ambassadors:

CEO & CO-Founder at Idee Brand Platform
Economics studies at Bocconi University and entrepreneurial experience since ten years in different industries. In fashion after a first experience at Marc Jacobs and LVMH group, he has been working in IDEE Partners since first start-up steps, up to CFO & Business Developer position. He has taken the CEO role in Idee Brand Platform and he has launched Sustainable Brand Platform to put his entrepreneurial skills in these new adventures.

Founder & CEO The Style Lift
His expertise ensues from over 30 years’ working in the Fashion and Textile publishing sector working for well-renown companies such as Bonotto SPA as export manager. Marco covered also the position of Editorial Director with B2B magazines creating a great network with international Agencies and Associations, Governmental and Commercial Consulates.Since 2013, he has been editorial director with Fashion Illustrated and conceived different book series. Lastly, in July 2020 he founded THE STYLE LIFT, Textile Archive and service company for Fashion and Textile businesses, and is the publisher of the online periodical TSL GAZETTE, focusing on Textile, Fashion and Personalities.


Creative Designer & Consultant
After working for some of Europe’s leading printed textiles companies she opened her own consulting studio in Milan, where she helps brands take shape through color & trend analysis, creative consultancies, and to shift to a more sustainable approach to design.
She had the pleasure to design for a wide variety of international brands such as the Inditex group, Adidas, Armani, Mango, Max Mara group, Wall&Deco and many more, from apparel to homeware, from carpets to wallpapers.
In 2014 she co-founded a female owned sustainable fashion start up, selected by VOGUE Talents and designed a capsule collection exclusively available at the YOOX – Net-a-Porter group.


A special thank goes to everyone who’s following our SMART SHOP: the inspirational materials’ bank and samples e-shop for students, designers and brands (or simply fashion passionates) willing to explore and test latest innovation in sustainable fabrics and fashion ingredients. The aim is to act as an educator and business accelerator, thus offering the possibility to buy from 1 to 50 m of sustainable and innovative fabrics.
We are building with them a new fashion system based on trasparency, traceability, innovation, quality and responsability.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… A huge THANK YOU to all the community who has been faithfully following us for a long time also on SMART VOICES, a virtual programme of digital talks, sharing ideas, knowledge, stories and innovations able to “shake up” the fashion system with a responsible attitude.